Top Benefits of Early Childhood Education

by Alan Roody

No two children grow up in the exact same environment. Some may have been privileged enough to be born in well-to-do families and sensitive parents; others are not that lucky. Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages to adverse childhood environments than what meets the eye. These environmental issues create abilities and skills deficits that increase social costs and decrease productivity.

Fortunately, these deficits are something that can be dealt with by early education.
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When you enroll your kids at a kids early learning centre, you are not only training their minds at an early age, but you are also addressing an even bigger issue — deficits in their childhood environment.

Your Child’s Early Development Can Drive His Academic And Life Success

From birth up to age five is the critical period to shape your child’s productivity. During this time, their brain develops fast to build the foundation of their character and cognitive skills that are necessary to achieve school, careers, health, and life success. Through early education, children are taught such cognitive skills as sociability, self-control, motivation, and attentiveness. These skills are then turned into knowledge and know-how that make them productive citizens.

Early Education Can Reduce Social Costs

Children who came from families struggling with economic, social, and academic resources are said to be less likely to receive adequate childhood support. Because they were deprived of early developmental stimulation, they tend to suffer from poor health, poverty, and lack of education. In a study by the University of North Dakota, they found out that there is a strong link between poverty and incidences of rape. In a different study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it was also revealed that crimes are more concentrated in poverty-stricken areas. If this is the case, investing in early development opportunities can significantly lessen the costs taxpayers have to pay to address these societal problems.

Early Childhood Education Can Also Prevent The Achievement Gap

Ability and knowledge gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged kids occur long before these kids enter kindergarten. And the more unfortunate news is the same gaps persist throughout one’s life, making it costly and difficult to cope. If you take a proactive approach by sending your kids to a kids early learning centre, you can invest in your kids’ social and cognitive skills, and you can also save on the cost of having to close the gap at a later time.

Early Childhood Education Can Improve One’s Health

Especially among disadvantaged children, early education can significantly improve children’s health and nutrition. According to the CDC, early childhood academic interventions can significantly improve the child’s development. This can be a protective factor against the onset of disability and adult disease later in life. In the same write-up, CDC also added that early childhood intervention could counter the disadvantages children faced when they were younger, helping improve their health, social development, and life satisfaction.
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There are plenty of other reasons that can help convince parents to invest in the early education of their parents. With more and more learning centers offering this kind of service, hopefully soon, there will be more children thriving, happier, and more content in life.

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