Swimwear Secrets of Swimsuit Models

by Alan Roody

If you are feeling miserable when you are shopping for swimwear online because the model looks utterly flawless, don’t feel bad. The truth is, it takes a lot of time, preparation, and effort to get that perfect shot. Yes, models do work hard on their diets and exercise programs, but sometimes, a little nip here and tuck there are still done through photo editing software. After all, swimsuit companies want to push that illusion of a perfect body. Keep this in mind when you’re scouting around for suits, so you don’t feel bad for your own individuality. Here are some swimwear secrets of swimsuit models when they do their shoots.

Sucking In to Get the Perfect Tummy

Models also suck in their gut to get a picture-perfect stomach. They flex their abdominal muscles to get the best picture. If you are feeling bad because of your own jiggly belly, don’t! Take comfort in knowing that even models need to tighten their belly to make the suits look good. It is all about showcasing the best angles to sell the suit. When it is your turn to look at yourself in the mirror, be kind because you are imperfectly perfect in your own way.

Using Makeup to Achieve a Healthy Glow

Glowing skin on the picture is not because of a really healthy, natural tan. Most of the time, this is achieved through body makeup and oils. There is a makeup artist on the set that applies beauty products and does retouches when things no longer look good. A faux tan is also used to hide imperfections like cellulite, stretch marks, and other blemishes. You may be surprised that a swimsuit model has the same skin as yours on any ordinary day. When shopping for swimwear online, don’t be put off by these amazing glowing virtual goddesses. You too can be just like them after spending some fun in the sun. No faux makeup is necessary!

Working With Clips and Snaps for the Right Fit

Models don’t panic when they see a larger swimsuit size because they know that swimwear sizing doesn’t correspond to normal dress sizes. You will likely wear a larger suit size than your usual clothes. Sometimes, during the photoshoots, models have to deal with fasteners, pins, and snaps clipped on their backs to get the perfect fit. Whether online or in-store, when shopping for a suit, don’t get disheartened if you have to try several to get the most suitable one. And do keep in mind that when you are in doubt, it is best to go a size smaller. If something is too loose, don’t get it. Remember the rule: swimsuit fabric always expands when wet. If you want guaranteed support, you’ll need a snug fit or risk flashing people.

Dieting and Working Out Weeks Before the Shoot

Most swimwear models reveal that they go on a super strict diet and exercise regimen before a shoot. Of course, they want to look their best in front of the camera and before millions of people stare at their photos! However, post-shoot, they do go back to their normal eating and exercise habits. So when you see a perfect swimsuit model donning that bikini, do not despair. It is true that some are indeed genetically blessed, but most have to work hard to get their bodies. And even if they seem flawless, they will be the first to admit that they, too, have shortcomings. So chin up, girl! Buy your swimsuit and wear it with confidence because this is your sexiest accessory. You may not be a swimsuit model, but you can still look darn good in your bikini.

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