Ways to Move Inexpensively

by Sudarsan

Moving to a new home can be a costly affair. Plus, according to some statistics, the greater the distance between your old and new home, the more expensive your move can be.

Fortunately for you, moving distance is the only thing, which dictates the final cost. For this reason, there are several ways to move without draining your bank accounts. Some these ways include:

Toss Some Things Away

Moving is the best time to ditch all the excess things you have been carrying around. Regard this as a suitable time to clean your home. Holding on to your old things, especially those that you will never use, is like the form of emotional bankruptcy.

Organizing your move means preparing everything to start a new chapter of your life. Afterward, throw away all the things, which might hold bad memories.
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This doesn’t necessarily need to be a costly process. It might be as easy as downsizing the sofa you and your ex used before to cuddle.

Hire Experts

This might seem counterintuitive, but hiring a professional moving company can help you save cash, especially when you want to move for a long distance.

Braving the entire process yourself can land you with scratches on the flooring, injuries, and even a cracked television screen.

You might also end up losing more cash than you would have used on experts for professional services by replacing or fixing the items.

Donate Heavy Items

It is vital to have an itemized receipt to allow you to write off all the donations on the income taxes. Take everything you’re unable to sell and donate them.

Thrift stores are suitable for effortless and quick donating. Some of these stores even have garage access, enabling you to drive through the door into an enclosed hallway, unload everything, and get a receipt afterward.

Use Free Moving Supplies

Every big box store has used boxes, which may save a budget-friendly family some cash. Many managers will be more than happy to set aside some boxes for you.

Try also to drive around a local apartment complex and check the dumpsters for moving boxes, which residents used recently.

Alternatively, you may scan free sections of various online buy-sell-trade platforms, like Craigslist, for several free boxes.

Ask Help from Friends

This is okay – bribe some of your friends to give you hand with your move by ordering several extra-large pizzas. It will not only be cheaper for you but can also be a perfect way to squeeze in the last memory with your friends.
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Most friends will only be able to load and back, but the closest ones can even cross borders to offer you help in unpacking your things. Just be sure to return the favor should they also want to move.

The Bottom Line!

Moving is among the stressful life events you can experience, but this doesn’t mean it has to be. Moving inexpensively doesn’t mean you need to give and toss away all your things or spend many hours packing boxes. You can consider some of the above ways to save cash while moving to your new home with some dignity.

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