What Are the Top 5 Personality Tests for a Successful Hire?

by Sudarsan

Personality testing allows HR experts, hiring managers, and recruiters to determine whether a candidate would be comfortable in a certain position and the behavioral qualities they own. For personality tests, there are no right or incorrect responses, unlike other sorts of pre-employment examinations.

The following are the Top five types of personality tests:

·       Myers-Briggs

·       The PI Behavioral Evaluation

·       The Caliper Profile

·       The Enneagram Personality Test

·       The DiSC Behavioral Inventory


The exam is based on Carl Jung’s previous theory. The theory states that people perceive the world through four psychological functions: sense, intuition, emotion, and reasoning.

The MBTI determines whether a person is

·       extroverted or introverted,

·       receive information by sensing or intuition,

·       prefer to make decisions through thinking or emotion,

·       and prefer to execute things through judging or perceiving.

The person is then classified into one of 16 personalities, each with its own set of strengths and limitations.

The survey has 93 forced-choice questions in which the participant must match a word with a sentence. The cost of this gadget varies based on the sort of Myer-briggs type indicator you choose and where you get it.

PI Behavioral Evaluation

The PI Behavioral Assessment measure the following;

  • The desire to exercise power over other people or situations; known as Dominance.
  • Extraversion; the desire to interact with other individuals in a social setting.
  • Patience, which stems from a need for constancy and stability.
  • The desire to follow norms and order; known as Formality.
  • The degree to which an individual chooses objectivity when processing information and making judgments; referred to as Objectivity.

These essential factors or core behavioral drives provide a straightforward framework for analyzing the workplace behaviors of workers and recruits. PI allows you to see under the surface of things, and foresee how others will act in specific scenarios. When behavioral testing is integrated with an awareness of cognitive ability, the hiring process may be greatly improved. You should Practice for Predictive Index assessment test before your job interview.

The Caliper Profile

Candidates must read a list of statements and choose the one with which they agree the most. The findings reveal significant personality qualities that are linked to job-related competencies. These include things like:

  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness
  • Thoroughness, and so forth.

This exam is excellent for determining what motivates someone. Also, determining what kind of positions they are most suited for.

The Enneagram Personality Test

The Enneagram personality test is based on the three dimensions of intelligence: emotional, instinctual, and mental. The Enneagram test divides human personality into nine categories. The relationship between the three components of intelligence, their unconscious anxieties, and the desire to overcome those fears is the foundation of each Enneagram personality type. Attention, motivation, defensive mechanisms, and vices are determined by the Enneagram personality test.

This test assesses a person’s behavioral patterns, emotional intelligence, capacity to form professional and personal connections. Also, the integrated Enneagram exam gives you a deeper understanding of different personality types, motivations, values, compatibility, and job preferences.

The DISC Personality Assessment

The DISC personality test is a popular recruitment tool that helps people better understand themselves, how they operate, and connect with others. Recruiters use this tool to determine a person’s personality type at work. It aids them in improving teamwork connections or resolving disputes. AT&T, Boeing, and American Express are among the companies that use the DISC personality type test for recruiting.

For each of the 28 questions in the DISC evaluation, the participant chooses a word that is most like them and a term that is least like them. The DiSC assessment is intended to be simple to use, administer, and administer by anybody. The cost of this assessment varies based on the sort of tests used, the size and type of team involved, and the number of persons involved.

By utilizing any of these top 5 personality assessment tests, we hope you’re able to recruit only the best!

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