What to Do When Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

by Sudarsan

Is your home’s garage door giving you problems? Do you find yourself getting frustrated each time the garage doesn’t open? This is a problem that’s all too common. 

Homeowners who can’t open the garage often have to leave their cars outside. This increases the risk of the car getting damaged. No homeowner wants to experience all this trouble. 

What if your garage door opener won’t work? Do you know how to fix this issue? Read this guide to learn what you must do to fix it. 

Check the Remote Control’s Batteries

This may sound funny, but the first thing you should do is check your remote control’s batteries. You’ll be surprised as many people forget to do this. 

Think about when was the last time you replaced the control’s batteries. The batteries of a garage door remote last a couple of years. If the control’s signal to the door is weak or nonexistent, you’re likely to see this type of problem.  

If you try to open the garage with the control panel on the wall of the garage and it opens, then it’s likely that the batteries were the cause of the problem. Test the remote several times to make sure the new batteries work. 

Remote Signal Disruption

You replaced the batteries and still nothing? The problem may be a disruption in the signal between the remote and opener transmitter.

It could be that the remote is out of range. Try moving closer to the garage door. If you’re standing 20 feet away from the garage door and it doesn’t open, the cause may be a damaged antenna. 

Check the antennae for debris buildup. If it’s not working, it will have to be replaced. 

Remote Needs Reprogramming

A broken garage door opener may be due to a malfunctioning system. You can try to reprogram the remote by using the manual. You’ll need to find the opener’s learn button to do this. 

Press this button until you see the garage door opener’s lights flash. You’ll also see the LED light on the opener blink. If you see a flash, it means reprogramming was successful. 

Check the Track and Spring

A garage uses a track and torsion springs to open. There’s a roller that lifts the garage door. If it comes off one of the tracks, it will not work. 

Torsion springs that are worn out or broken will not do any justice. This will not allow the opener to raise the door as it will be too heavy. 

Door Control Wiring Malfunction

So you have tried everything and nothing seems to work? There may be a problem with the wiring. 

This is a problem the pros have to handle. If you find that there is a need for reprogramming or fixing a track or spring, you have to call your local garage door repair company

So Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

Your garage door opener won’t work and you keep growing frustrated? A broken garage door opener is a headache for any homeowner. In this guide, you found some of the garage door repair tips that you can try to fix the problem. 

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