What to look for in the perfect boyz weekend

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

When planning a stag do or stag party, one of the most important aspects that one must consider is the stag party accommodation. It is quite understandable why a stag party will involve a lot of cost if you are going to hire a special venue for the night.

The prices range from high end luxury hotels to low budget motels and camping sites but there are some things that one should look out for when considering the accommodation. Here are some things that you should consider when looking at the different lodging options available in the UK.

Stag parties are not only for men. Women can also have their stag parties arranged. There are numerous stag parties that cater for women who want to have their friends come over for dinner or a movie. Some of the places where one can find stag party accommodation include countryside retreats and country mansions. Men usually book the larger rooms, while women will mostly go for the more intimate ones.

Planning and the right location are key to the perfect weekend

What to look for in the perfect stag party? If you are planning a stag party, then it would be helpful if you have a friend or a relative who is in the same line of work as you. You could ask them to propose to her on the stag night and see if she would agree. Of course, this is purely a personal decision and there is no right or wrong in the proposal itself.

For entertainment, you would definitely want to include videos and DVDs in your stag party plans. You will be able to capture all the funny moments of the night as well as some sentimental memories of the bride and groom. It would be great to show these videos to your daughter-in-law and your best friend.

One of the main reasons why a stag party is arranged is because a groom is about to get married. While it may sound like a good idea, it may not be advisable if one is not careful. Since the stag party will involve partying the night before the wedding, one should make sure that they do not drive drunk the night before.

Drinking alcohol before the big day will surely result in a night of horror and tragedy. Therefore, one should consider other options like a sober party where they can enjoy some cocktails and dinner.

Make sure there is plenty to do for everyone

A good stag party will also involve activities such as paintballing, karting, extreme sports, cabaret shows and comedy nights. These activities will keep your guests entertained and excited the whole night. To add to the fun, the stag party venue should be decorated beautifully. It is important to consider the taste of your guests and the kind of activities that they prefer before deciding on a place.

If you are planning to organize a party for the groom’s best friend or any party then there are many stag party ideas that you can choose from in Boyz Weekend. The most important thing is to think of something innovative and unique. Stag party ideas that are based on common sense always work the best. This is because people like to have different ideas and try them out.

The only reason why anyone would attend a party is that they want to have fun. So, if someone throws a party that involves throwing lots of drinks, eating trays of food, and consuming as many liquors as possible, then that is probably the wrong idea.

Have plenty to eat and drink available throughout the weekend

On the other hand, a sober party may involve very simple activities like setting up a table with appetizers and drinks, having an open bar and playing cards. Such a party has a very low risk of getting a person arrested. However, the type of behavior that is involved in such a party is definitely above average.
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All parties have their own set of potential risks and dangers. The point is that you should be very careful about how you arrange a party and the way you word things to your friends.

There are many websites that offer tips on arranging a good stag party.
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If you want to plan a really interesting party that will really make heads turn then it is time that you looked online for some good ideas. If you are well aware of the personality of the groom and the bride then you will know what to look for in the perfect stag party. A group of close friends is going to make a party interesting and this is especially true when the groom is in attendance.

Have fun and a lot of laughs

If you know what to look for in the perfect stag party, you can also ask some of your friends to help you and make arrangements. If the friends are not comfortable planning a party together then they could come up with a grand plan on their own. This is the best way to plan a party, as only then everyone will be happy. Stag parties are meant to be wild and this is one occasion when you can let loose a little.

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