Why Split Level Houses are Trending Right Now

by Alan Roody

Everyone has a dream house. It is most people’s dream to have a big house with multiple floors.  But don’t you want to be different and want something unique that would stand out from among the other houses?

If you’re one of those people who likes to be unique, then split level houses are perfect for you. These houses look elegant and classic. It only differs a little bit from how they are built inside.

What is a split level house?

A split-level house looks like a regular single floored house on the outside, but when you enter the house, you will see that there are two to three different levels connected with a few steps of stairs.

There are three categories of a split level house: side split, standard split, and back-split. Not all split-level houses have a garage, but if you want a parking space for your car, a side split house is an ideal option for you because it has a garage and on top of it are the bedrooms. 

The side split is divided into two. The other side has two levels (the garage and the bedrooms), while the other side contains other house spaces like the kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one level.

Moreover, the standard split has the basic division of a house. It has an entrance on the ground floor and contains small stairs leading to different rooms.

Lastly, a back split has the same idea as the side split. The only difference is it is divided front and back instead of side to side. Imagine a bond paper. The side split is a lengthwise cut, while the back split is crosswise.

It all depends on you whether you want a side, back, or standard split level house. Nevertheless, all three designs are still closely similar to one another, and you will still have a relaxing living experience no matter what the orientations of your rooms are.

Why live in a split level house?

Although it might seem unconventional, living in a split-level house offers you many advantages like privacy, budget-friendly, big outdoor space, and low maintenance.


A split level house is perfect for a big family living together. The rooms can be scattered on different levels, allowing house members to have enough space and privacy in their area. It is also perfect if you want to avoid noise coming from the other room.


Split-level homes typically cost less than standard houses. Thus, it’s a win-win situation because you can minimise the cost while still producing a unique and elegant home.

Big outdoor space

You don’t have to worry if you only own a few square meters of land because split level houses take up vertical space, leaving more room for your backyard. So you can have a beautiful home and still enjoy a barbeque party in your backyard with some relatives and friends.

Low maintenance

Unlike big mansions, you don’t need to spend too much on maintaining a split level house. Its simplicity makes it easier for you to clean and upkeep it. 


A split level home is unique and will surely make your house stand out among your neighbours. It has unique sets of sizes and shapes. And you take full advantage of the design and the house floor plan.

Living in a mansion is cool, but have you heard about living in a split level house? If you choose to invest in this type of house, you will surely enjoy your privacy, big space, uniqueness, and saved money and other resources.

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