10 Virtual Activities the Whole Family Will Love

by Sudarsan

Are you tired of hearing your kids complain because they’re bored? You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy immersive fun with virtual activities for kids. Virtual events and activities span a wide range of interests and age levels to find something that interests every person in your family.

Check out these online activities you can do with your family.

1. Virtual Escape Room

A virtual escape room challenges everyone involved to solve the clues. It’s a safe way to gather with family and friends to have an at-home escape room experience. 

You get the same experience as an in-person escape room from the comfort of your home. There’s nothing for you to set up. The escape room experience takes place online for easy access.

2. Tours and Field Trips

Take a trip without actually traveling with virtual tours and field trips. Many zoos, aquariums, museums, and similar spots have virtual tours available online. Many are interactive, so you can choose how you move through the tour.

You can also take virtual rides on many attractions at popular theme parks, such as Disney World and Universal Studios. The immersive videos make you feel like you’re on the ride.

These virtual tours are fun and educational. Kids get a glimpse of places they might not otherwise see in real life.

3. Game Nights

Online family games with relatives you haven’t seen in a while can bring you closer together. There are many virtual family games available online already that you can play from your home. 

You can also plan your own fun like a virtual scavenger hunt where participants have to find things around their house. Make a list and send it to the participants. Trivia is another easy virtual game you can create for people to play from different locations.

Some board games can even be played virtually. One person can set up the game board and move all of the people. Some board games have virtual versions, which make it even easier to play.

4. Fun Classes

If your kids have been doing virtual learning, the thought of doing more virtual classes might scare you. But many online classes are available for fun activities, such as music or cooking. Many of these classes are designed with kids in mind to make them suitable for the whole family.

5. Concerts

Live music might not be as common anymore, but you can still hear some of your favorite artists play through virtual concerts. Many artists are doing special live concerts that they stream online. It’s not quite the same as seeing the band right in front of you, but it still lets you enjoy their music.

You can also watch old footage of past concerts. This gives you a wider range of options for artists and songs that you can enjoy at any time.

Another option is to take in a virtual theatrical performance. Hamilton is a popular option, but you can find many other performances available online. Everyone gets a front-row seat with the virtual option.

6. Exercise Classes

Encourage your kids to stay active with online exercise classes. You can go with something general, such as an online kids’ yoga class, or go more specific. You might sign your child up for a virtual karate lesson or a skills class for a certain sport. 

If you don’t want to sign up for a live exercise class, check out the thousands of exercise videos on YouTube. You can find a wide range of workout videos, including dance workouts. Switch up the videos you choose each time to make family exercise sessions interesting.

7. Live Cams

Lots of zoos, nature preserves, and other facilities with animals have live cams where you can watch wild animals from your home in real time. Some cameras are placed in the wild, so you get a look at the animals in their natural habitats. You can also find live cams in some of your favorite vacation spots, such as beaches. 

These live cams give you a virtual escape. It can be a learning experience for your kids. They can see different places or observe animals to learn more about them.

Since the live cams are on most of the time, you can check in at any time. Kids often enjoy checking in periodically to see how the animals have grown or to see what they’re up to that day. 

8. Play Dates

In-person play dates might be risky, but that doesn’t mean your kids have to miss out on time with their friends. Setting up virtual events with your playgroup or just one or two friends allows them to stay connected.

Online play dates don’t have to include organized activities. The kids can simply take turns showing each other cool toys, pets, or other things they want to share. Think of it as a virtual show and tell among friends.

If you want the play date to be a little more structured, you can plan an activity that the kids can do at home. A simple craft or cooking project is a good idea. The kids can do their activities on a Zoom call at the same time so it feels like they’re doing activities together.

9. Camps

Another growing trend is online summer camps. Kids join Zoom sessions to connect with other campers while doing many camp activities at home. Themes are widely varied, so you child can enjoy a fun summer camp that interests them with no worry of getting homesick.

10. Book Clubs

Combine fun and education with kid-friendly virtual book clubs. You can create your own or join an existing virtual book club.

This activity is easy to move from a traditional in-person event to an online activity. With Zoom or a similar platform, everyone can see one another when they discuss the book.

You can also plan activities around the book. Send instructions to other participants ahead of time that include things like the materials needed and the steps to follow. 

Plan Virtual Activities for Your Family

Virtual activities keep your family engaged and entertained without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Consider the interests of your family, and mix it up with different virtual activities to keep everyone interested.

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