4 Tips for Choosing a Good BIM Partner

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

The AEC (architectural, engineering, and construction) sector is in the middle of a paradigm shift in designing and building projects. Part of this transformation is being driven by BIM (Building Information Modeling). This refers to a digital representation of the functional and physical characteristics of a building.

The BIM services offer a comprehensive view of every construction element before buildings are physically built. This helps architects, builders, and designers to get rid of the shortcomings in the design. These services have gained importance, and there are a few service providers you can partner with. To help you make the right choice, here are tips you can consider:

  1. Check Some Specific Experience

It’s advisable to look for a BIM partner that has specific services you need. To determine this, you can check the potential partner’s portfolio to see the services the expert has for specific projects. For instance, if you are a subcontractor searching for a partner to help with coordination requirements, a service provider that only has BIM design experience may not be a good fit for you. 

Instead, the service provider should have experience in construction. Most service providers will claim that they offer XD, 6D, 5D, 4D, and 3D, but in reality, is that only a few companies have a real lifecycle experience. Therefore, it would be best to ask for the specific scope of projects on those past experiences your potential partner has had.

2. Accreditation and Standards

BIM needs more attention and high-quality control to ensure foolproof modeling, making way for fewer changes or rework. Your partner needs to have quality checks and accredited standards in place to have accurate models.

You can also check for accreditations, such as Autodesk affiliation, that tells you more about the quality of CAD drafting services you may expect from the company.

3. International Presence

Partners with an international experience and presence will bring a greater breadth and depth of experience, which a locally-based BIM service provider cannot. The international experience means that the partner will have gained enough exposure to best practices, ways of working, and cutting-edge techniques. 

Moreover, international projects will also establish stronger communication, collaboration, and documentation processes, adding richness to your project execution and planning.

4. Get References

Most BIM service providers in the market advertise that they offer quality services. A company might have a great portfolio, though it may be challenging to work with it. This is why getting reference is an integral part of choosing a suitable company. By reaching out to previous customers, you may have a general idea regarding the way the firm works and how faster BIM modeling services or software will complete construction projects.

When looking for a partner, you need to ask different people. This could be your colleagues or close friends. With references, you can also learn more about the potential service provider in advance.

In Summary!

Today, every AEC shareholder wants more efficient buildings, smart processes, and accurate deliverables. To meet all the demands for construction projects in less time, AEC leaders are turning to BIM.

This technology can create a sustainable effect in the building industry for architectural companies, stakeholders, contractors, and engineers. Hence, if your profession is based on one of these, you can consider these tips to choose a good partner to offer you the best BIM solutions.

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