by Sudarsan

Commercial trucks weigh more than 20tons which explains why truck collisions are so fatal. No one comes out of the house expecting to encounter a truck accident, so getting involved in one can be overwhelming, traumatic, and confusing. However, knowing what to do immediately after can put you in a safe place legally and ethically. Regardless of how traumatized you are, here are some grave mistakes to avoid when you encounter a truck accident in Georgia.

Leaving the accident scene

One of the mistakes you can make following a truck accident is leaving the accident scene without informing anyone- the police or the other driver. Doing that can implicate you or paint you in a bad light, and you won’t know what statements the other driver and witnesses gave. Therefore, you should remain at the accident scene until the police get there.

Not gathering enough information.
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If you have not suffered severe injuries, the best thing you can do for yourself is to gather every information you can about the accident. You can take pictures and videos, record audio, and even write key points with your smartphone.
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Take a picture of the damage your car has sustained, your injuries, and the registration numbers of the vehicles involved. The photos and videos can serve as evidence during the legal settlement of the case.

Failure to seek medical attention

Seeking medical attention is something you should never overlook after an accident. You may have internal injuries that may take a while or days to show up, for instance, internal bleeding, head concussions, sprains, or fractures.

Also, some minor injuries can deteriorate into severe injuries over time and cost you more in the long run. Therefore, you should visit a doctor immediately, get an internal check-up, discover hidden trauma and get medical records critical to the case.

Agreeing to a quick settlement offer

It is normal to be worried about your financial situation after suffering injuries and car damage in a truck accident. The fault party’s insurance company may offer you a quick settlement to evade pursuing the case further. But in most cases, the first settlement offer is usually less than what you rightfully deserve, which is where Atlanta truck accident lawyers come in.

Never accept a truck accident settlement offer without legal guidance. Insurance companies are known for preying on unsuspecting victims to settle for low than they deserve. Let your lawyer assess the situation and advise you accordingly.

Failing to file a lawsuit on time

There are statutes of limitations governing truck accident claims in every state. In Georgia, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit to seek compensation. Otherwise, you lose your right to hold the fault party accountable. Missing the deadline can happen unconsciously, especially when dealing with severe injuries. That is why it is good to allow a truck accident attorney to handle the case while you focus on your recovery.

The takeaway

Seeking the guidance of a truck accident attorney can help you avoid mistakes that could impact your ability to seek compensation for the damage suffered.

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