5 Mistakes to Avoid During Car Shipping

by Alan Roody

If you’re seeking to ship your car across the country, there are many interstate car transport firms to choose from. Although these companies offer the same services, the quality of services they offer differs. Hiring an expert car transport service is a convenient way to move your car to a new location over a long distance. 

People make certain mistakes when shipping their vehicles, and it would be wise to avoid them for you to benefit adequately from your shipping transaction. Here are five car shipping mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Doing Thorough Research

Any company that transports vehicles must be registered with the Department of Transport. If they offer shipping services across different states, they must also be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These government agencies provide shipping companies with registration numbers, and they should be happy to give you these details so you can check them out at the relevant government website.

Avoid shipping with a company that cannot provide you with an MC or DoT number or one that is not registered. After confirming the company’s registration status, check for their online reviews to determine the quality of their services. Usually, customer feedback will give you more insight into a company’s services. You may also need to ask for references from their previous customers. A transport service provider with excellent customer testimonials and reviews will give you the tranquility of mind.

Also, never rely on verbal promises or agreements; ensure the transport company provides you with a written agreement.

2. Not Having the Required Paperwork

Not everyone is apprehensive when they hear that paperwork is involved with a particular task, but it is crucial to the car shipping process. If you’re shipping your car domestically, the required documentation is less extensive. But you will need to provide extra information for international shipping. You need to prepare these documents before talking to the transport company.

The information you need to provide differs depending on the destination country and the country of origin. You will need a valid passport, insurance papers, a clean vehicle identification number (VIN) record, and a copy of the title. Some countries may have other individual requirements while some car transport companies may need more, but these are the basic requirements.

3. Not Emptying Your Car

You risk becoming a victim of theft when you leave your belongings in the car. Unfortunately, shipping insurance does not cover for loss and damage of personal items during transportation. It is against the law for transportation companies to transport cars with household or other valuable items. This law has been instituted to prevent customer complaints.

Although some companies may allow you to load personal items of up to 100lbs, they are not liable for damages or losses. Apart from risking damage to your items, the extra weight may attract extra costs. Thus, your Florida car shipping company recommends customers emptying their cars before shipping.

4. Paying Too Much

Car transport fees vary depending on the company, and the same company may charge you different fees depending on the particular service you need. Ensure you know exactly how much the shipping company will charge you and exactly what the price includes. This will help avoid hidden costs you hadn’t signed up for. Most shipping companies will give you a car shipping quote for free, and this will simplify your task of comparing costs from different service providers.

It is crucial to remember that cheaper is not always the best. Lower prices often mean that the shipping company will collect your car when convenient for them, not the other way round. So, if you want your car delivered on a certain date or you are in a hurry, you may have to pay a little more.

5. Not Getting the Insurance

When renting a car, it is common not to get extra insurance; however, you should pay for insurance before shipping your car. The general insurance policy does not cover shipping, so the extra insurance will give you peace of mind.

In case your car gets damaged during transportation, the insurance will cover it. Thus, you won’t have to pay the additional cost for repairs. But, ensure you inspect your car before shipping it and note down any damage so that you can assess if there is any additional damage that occurs during transportation.

There are many steps involved in shipping a car, and the transport company you choose should help you through all the steps. Most of them will help you prepare the paperwork, making you ready for the move. 

However, if your company of choice does not offer to help you during this process, you may have to find another company that will help you with this because you are likely to face significant problems if you do it on your own. International shipping is a complicated system that may take you a while to understand. So, do your research and let the transport company help you with the rest.

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