7 Important Tips To Choose A Training Room Rental

by Sudarsan

Planning a meeting or training is like any other event in our life, it requires a lot of planning and preparation. So, you have to be extra careful while choosing a training room rental Singapore for your next event whether it is a demonstration of a product like Digital lock Singapore, or learning new policies for citizenship application Singapore.

So, here are the top 10 tips to choose a rental space which will be suitable for your next event.

1) Space and Its Size

Before deciding on a training room rental, you have to decide on the number of people in order to determine the size of the space suitable for your corporate meeting.

The number of seats will depend upon the number of people who will attend the meeting. You can choose whether a classroom-type (can cater to large groups usually up to 100 persons), seminar type (can cater to mid-sized groups usually up to 75 persons), or cluster type (can cater to small groups usually up to 25 persons).

Generally, the larger the room, the more attendees you can have. You’ll be able to speak with more people at once, which will give you an edge.
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But it will always boil down to your purpose if the meeting is for the company’s core leadership or for all employees.

2) Location

To have many guests as possible to attend your event, you don’t want to pick somewhere that’s far away. To avoid this, it’s worth choosing somewhere with good transport links, especially if you plan on using public transport. If you can visit the venue at different times of the day to see whether it’s busy.
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Also, be sure to check for parking, as you or your guests may be forced to park a long way from the venue.
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So, before finalizing, you should check the location of the meeting rooms and make a list of all the possible locations.

3) Amenities

The facility should include everything that you need to run your training successfully.

Look for things like Wi-Fi access, microphone, projector, projector screen, comfortable seats, registration table, flip chart board, power outlets, sound system, and other items.

Some offer water dispensers, lockers, ample parking space, and a dedicated area for catering.

Check also the restrooms. You want them to take a bio break without leaving the event.

4) Ambiance

It’s important to consider the ambience of the space. You don’t want to train in a space that makes it hard to focus or gets distracting. If you’re looking for a space that is conducive to learning, you may want to avoid a space that is too loud.

Additionally, check the lighting and make sure it is adjustable to set the tone and create just the right atmosphere in your venue. if the room is too dark then it could lead to attendees feeling drowsy. Likewise, if the room is too bright it can make people uncomfortable and detract from the experience.

5) Image

This is the most important thing, if you are holding a corporate meeting, then you need to make sure that the meeting room is corporate and will give your employees a good impression.

As you know, corporate meetings are held at different departments and companies, so, the meeting room will show the image of the company to the visitors and employees.

6) The Budget

You should know the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the meeting room, as well as you should know the cost of the venue.

Know the amount of time you’ll need to rent the training room. Will it be a full-day or half-day program? How long will it last? Are there any additional fees for the training room? Do they offer discounts or promotions?

7) Availability

There’s no point in renting a room that is booked. If you need a place, you need to act quickly.


To choose a training room rental in a city, you have to determine what is important to you and what are your requirements.

These factors include the size, type and equipment that they offer, along with the location and atmosphere in which the training takes place.

Check it or you’ll end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t want or use, and you’ll probably end up spending much more than you had originally planned.

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