8 Must-Have Custom Camper Trailer Features

by Sudarsan

Are you transitioning to vacationing or living in a custom camper trailer?

There are great ways to build your dream camper trailer, including picking upgrades made just for you. Continue reading to see 8 amazing custom camper trailer features.

1. Counter Extensions

Because of the extreme lack of kitchen space in camper trailers, everyone can benefit from custom counter extensions.

When buying a camper trailer, you’ll want to make sure that the kitchen is big enough for you or if you need counter extensions. Counter extensions can be installed easily and made to match your camper trailer’s installed countertops. 

You’ll find that custom counter extensions will be your favorite new installation. 

2. Secured Storage Bays

One important aspect of staying in your camper trailer is keeping your personal belongings and gear locked up safely. 

Since you have the chance of camping near others who might have the same camper trailer as you, they have access to your storage bay using the keys made to fit the model of camper trailer you both have.

Changing the locks and upgrading your security will keep your belongings where they are and ensure your own safety as you go exploring.

3. Upgraded Digital Thermostat

Since most camper trailers don’t come with an upgraded thermostat, have a state-of-the-art digital thermometer installed.

Having full control over your camper trailer’s temperature will be extremely beneficial in both hot and cold seasons. This is especially important for comfortable living while staying in your camper trailer.

4. Pull-Out Garbage Can

If you drive on windy back roads or make lots of sharp turns, you might have experiences with your trashcan tipping over in your camper trailer.

Even if you don’t experience rogue trashcans often, you’ll still see the benefits of installing a pull-out hideaway garbage can. This can sit within your cabinet space and will never tip over or block your hallway again.

5. High-Speed Internet

If you’re working on the road, having good, consistent WiFi is important. Installing a high-quality router in your camper trailer will ease your worries of losing signals or having spotty Internet connections.

Improve your camping life with great WiFi and install a quality router.

6. New Shower Head

A notorious disadvantage of camper trailer showers is that they usually include a shower head with little to no water pressure.

If luxury showers are what make your day better, install a new shower head with high water pressure to enhance your camper trailer’s shower. You’ll be thankful you did with every new day.

7. Extra Lighting

If you’re a person who needs extra lighting to complement the interior of their camper trailer, installing extra lights in your camper trailer will brighten your space and mood.

You could choose to install lamps or ceiling lights, depending on your trailer and your style.

8. Shampoo and Conditioner Holder

Perhaps the height of luxury camping is having a shampoo and conditioner holder attached to your shower wall. This frees up space and eliminates the need for loose bottles in your camper trailer’s bathroom.

Improve efficiency and enjoy luxury with a shampoo and conditioner holder that suits your needs.

Enjoying Your Custom Camper Trailer 

When it comes to buying your custom camper trailer, there are several upgrades that appeal more than others. 

Deciding what’s important to you will factor into what custom camper trailer features you choose. There are endless possibilities.

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