A Basic Guide to Hiring a Commercial Roofer

by Sudarsan

Despite a slump during 2020, when materials dried up due to worldwide restrictions, the roofing industry’s back with a bang. Forecasters predict that the commercial roofing industry should grow by 2.2% this year.

That means you’re good to go if your commercial roof’s due for repair or replacement. Now all you need to do is find the best contractor for the job.

These are the things to consider before hiring a commercial roofer.

Work With a Local Commercial Roofer

It makes sense to hire a commercial roofing company based in your area. That way, you’ll save on any transport costs associated with the job.

Local companies have a reputation to uphold in your area. So, they’re more inclined to offer good service and take extra care with your roof.

When you work with a smaller local roofing company, you’re more than just one client among many.

If you have a roof emergency, your local roofing contractor’s only a phone call away. You won’t need to wait days for them to arrive onsite.

Pay Attention to Recommendations and Reviews

When you work with a local commercial roofing contractor, you can ask neighboring businesses for recommendations too.

Online reviews are also a great source of information and opinions about commercial roofing contractors. Don’t let one or two bad reports sway your opinion though.

Rather, pay attention to the way the contractor handled the complaint and whether they resolved any commercial roofing issues in the end.

Check Their Paperwork

There are strict regulations in force when it comes to commercial buildings. Inspectors pop in regularly to check up on whether commercial roofs meet structural requirements.

If your roofing contractor doesn’t meet the necessary state licensing requirements, you could face a big fine. Make sure any contractor you work with has the correct licenses, accreditations, and experience for your job.

You could end up having to pay costs if one of their employees injures themselves while working at your premises. So, make sure the contractor’s insurance is up to scratch too.

Discuss Pricing First

Just like home repairs, commercial roofing costs can come as an unwelcome surprise after the fact. So, it’s important that you get a clear idea of what’s involved in your roofing job and the estimated costs before you get started.

Some contractors like Rainbow Roofing, hproofingpro.com, and AC Roof offer a free roof inspection, so you know whether you need to repair or replace your roof.

Once you know what’s needed, you can ask for an estimate of the costs involved so you can budget accordingly. Always get at least three estimates from different contractors.

Be sure to consider all the facts when comparing quotes. Some contractors offer extra services and warranties that make higher prices worthwhile.

Final Considerations

Throughout your interactions with various contractors, pay attention to their service levels and willingness to meet your needs.

Do they answer your questions professionally and promptly? Are they willing to help you save costs? Do you feel you can trust them?

It’s essential to work with a commercial roofer that you feel comfortable with.
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