by Sudarsan

Australia is known for its soft-hearted people and even softer wool, which goes back in time with their culture and tradition of an Australian wool quilt. The history of Australian wool goes back to the 1970s where wool was very important for the economy, specifically Australia. 

The first fleet of animals like sheep and alpacas were brought in, and almost over a quarter of the century later, they started producing enough wool for auction and trade. This wool was brought in from Cape of Good Hope as it was a trustworthy channel for trade, import and export.

During the harsh winters, sales of woollen quilts skyrocket, not just in Australia but across the globe due to their export sales rising. The quality of these quilts is outstanding, and the sales numbers certainly vouch for it.

Why choose quilts made of Australian wool?

  • The Australian wool quilt is an exquisite element for the home, as they are made from wool that is naturally derived from some of the best Alpacas and Sheep.
  • The soft quilt keeps the user extremely comfortable and warm throughout, as it traps sufficient heat within it to counter the sharp cold weather.
  • The fibres of the wool allow free flow of air through it so that there is a healthy exchange of air between both sides of the quilt, allowing the user’s body heat to be trapped within the quilt, allowing them to be cosy.
  • If there are any excess moisture molecules underneath or in between the quilt layers, it gets released into the surrounding environment.
  • The heat distribution throughout will guarantee a good rest at night, especially after a long strenuous day of hard work.

Quilts are famous in most households of Australia – Here’s why:

  • Heavy and bulky comforters can be quite uncomfortable to toss and turn in. Quilts are not the same as these bulky comforters; they are far more comfortable and adaptable as per the request from the customer. Many wonderful stores online take in customer requests to vary the thickness and length as needed.
  • Quilts are generally easy to wash as they can be thrown into the washing machine and then used for a long time if it does not get food or other staining substances. Those days of the laborious task of handwashing a quilt are gone, like quilts, today are made with fabric so tightly wound that it does not get damaged in the machine wash process. Moreover, people do not have the time required to hand wash anything today.
  • The affordability of Australian wool quilts is unmatchable, as many brands are coming up with such affordable quilts that come in many shades and lengths. There is certainly a woollen quilt for everyone and every household. Buy all the quilts, one for each room of the house, so that each corner is as cosy as it can ever be!
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  • On the flipside, quilts can act as a good protective cover for the comforter in the room. They make not only a good cover but also a beautiful element of décor for bedrooms. Comforters are very quick to tear, and if they do, they can get very messy due to the feathers inside them. Quilt covers will ensure they stay protected all year long.
  • Last but not least, these quilts have been a proud part of every Australian’s culture, and they would certainly want to keep the tradition going strong. People of Australia live in utmost comfort, and it’s time to follow their steps and purchase one today!

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