Signet Rings: Things You Should Know

by Sudarsan

People across the world give a lot of significance to culture and heritage. And there are many symbols, rings and artifacts, which are believed to govern the goodness and prosperity of a family and also an individual. A signet ring is one of this kind which is a traditional symbol of wellness and prosperity in terms of the heritage of a family. It carries the crest of the family, and therefore they are often known as seal rings.

There are female as well as male signet rings, designed to be adorned as a symbol of style and a sign of sentimental attachment towards something or someone. In the earlier times, a signet ring was worn to show belonging to a particular lineage and seal documents. However, now it is purely a personal choice of the user. Similarly, a signet ring is worn on the pinkie, but as fashion is evolving, this preference is also changing.

This article will elaborate on signet rings, their prevalence and some ways to take care of them. 

How Are They Unique?

One unique feature of a signet ring is its flat bezel which would usually hold the engraving. The engraving is usually made in such a way that they tend to leave a raised impression. This was used in the olden days to press on the sealing wax and seal official documents to establish authenticity. 

Another unique feature of the signet ring is the engraving of the design as a mirror image. It is done so that the engraving, when stamped, would leave the proper design. 

The Contemporary Signet Rings

As mentioned earlier, the elite associations with these rings are now fading away, as people have taken a creative stroll on these rings, and it has all become a personal choice. And hence, some decide to wear them every day whereas some use them only on special occasions. 

They are even given as birthday presents and also worn as wedding rings. There are many ready-made signet rings, which act as embodiments of positivity and change and strive for hope and a new horizon. There are also unisex, female and even male signet rings that are not adorned and simple.

How to Take Care of Signet Rings

Speaking of signet rings, they are made to last for a lifetime. Besides, there is a sentimental reason behind each purchase of the rings, which increases its value. The high-quality pieces which are handcrafted to one’s interests make it even more significant to care for. Thus, it is important to preserve the rings’ natural charm and longevity, and here are a few tips for that. 

  • The higher the quality of the rings, the more malleable and ductile they would be. Therefore, the need to care for them is even more. So, never wear a signet ring while engaging in an intensive activity; this would prevent the item from bending. Also, holding too much weight or hitting hard on blunt objects can also affect the shape of the rings. 
  • If silver rings are not worn for long periods, there is a tendency for them to get oxidised due to exposure to atmospheric pollutants. As a result of oxidation, the jewellery will have a tint of yellow or blackness in it. So, it is better to store the rings in an airtight container or even zip lock bags if they are not being worn. 
  • The rings should be handled with great care to retain their colour and shine. Meanwhile, certain cleaning chemicals can cause oxidation and disrupt the colour and shine of the piece. Therefore, it is better not to expose them to any chemicals at all.

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