Changing the Locks on Your New Home

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

The locks on your doors will determine how secure your home is. Because of security reasons, you may feel that the locks you’ve been using need a change, and that is a great move. When it comes to safety, it’s good you follow your instincts.

If you’ve been considering changing your doors’ locks, then you’re reading the right article. You’ll get to understand when it’s essential and how to get by with a simple, less expensive lock-changing method.

The difference between Re-keying and Replacing

When changing the door locks, you can either do a rekeying or replacing. Both methods will make it impossible for the old keys to open the locks.


This is a common way of changing door locks in apartment complexes. It involves realigning the springs and pins in the lock’s inner working to match the new key. That is a process that costs about $25 to buy a kit that will help you rekey the lock yourself. If you want it accomplished by a professional, then you should be ready to part with a minimum of $80 to have a locksmith do the work.


The most comprehensive way to ensure security involves removing the existing lock and its handle and getting a new lock. Depending on quality, it will cost you a minimum of $80 and a maximum of $300 if done by a professional. The good thing is many door locks are DIY friendly, and therefore, once you buy, there are instructions on how to go about installation.

Rekey, when you move.

When a house is being constructed, there are all manners of people who have access to the new home; the contractor, inspectors, agents, and such. You’ll want to change the keys, and therefore rekeying comes in handy. Whenever you’re moving to a new home, you never know how many people are floating with your keys and therefore rekeying is a great idea. Again, if you’re buying an existing house, you’ll want to rekey the home and have full control of it.

Again, when renting an apartment, you should carefully check your lease agreement on changing locks’ regulations. For some, you may be required to give your landlord the key to the new lock.

Lock replacement due to damage

Like any other mechanism with moving parts, the lock wears out. After using it for years, you will realize a change in the way you unlock it, and sometimes, you may have the key stuck inside. It may even be a newly acquired lock, but by mistake, you jam the wrong key- that may lead to internal damage, and therefore the key sticks, and it isn’t easy to turn.

When your keys are lost or stolen

It may be that you or a member of the family has misplaced the key to the lock, or it just got lost. The best way to do it is to rekey. That will ensure that if anyone attempts to open the door with the old key, they’ve no access.

Generally, better locks will mean better security. When moving to a new home with San Antonio Movers, it is vital to consider rekeying or replacing your keys or locks. You don’t know who may have come into contact with the key to your lock, thus, you may end up with intruders in your home- something so unfortunate.

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