Common Window Myth Busters: Timber VS PVC-U

by Sudarsan

Is Timber Window Better Than uPVC?

If you need to replace the windows in the house, you as a homeowner may face a dilemma of whether to choose wooden ones or to give preference to a modern PVC glass unit. The latter option is considered more popular since it costs less and is easier to maintain.

Budget windows don’t mean they are good and of high quality. A glass unit made of natural wood has certain advantages. It costs a little more, but it is easier to restore and paint it. You can contact the company that deals with sash windows repair in Harlow. This will allow you to return damaged windows to their original look.

Timber around windows needs regular varnishing and applying of protective coating. Proper maintenance will help keep windows intact and extend their lifespan.

What to choose: Timber or uPVC windows

Owners of modern houses usually install PVC double-glazed windows. They are commercially available and fit standard window areas. Such windows look quite good and fit perfectly into the design of modern apartments.

For older mansions it is worth choosing wood or upvc windows, but wooden models can be of non-standard sizes. Their use allows you to emphasize the aesthetic qualities of the building. You can choose any design and frame colour. In this case, the internal and external design of the glass unit depends on the preferences of the customer.

Wood windows have additional benefits when it comes to comparing upvc vs wood windows:

1.      Energy efficiency. You can install double glazing, which will keep the house warm much better. This becomes noticeable already a month after installing new windows, as electricity bills are getting smaller.

2.      Easy to maintain. Wooden windows require painting every 8-10 years. A double-glazed window made of any material needs regular cleaning, but the service life of PVC windows is about 20 years, while wooden ones preserve their qualities much longer.

3.      Impact on the environment. To make PVC, manufacturers use oil, which is not eco friendly. Wooden double-glazed windows are made of solid natural wood. They don’t emit harmful substances. Plastic products are practically not recyclable, while wooden products can be recycled easily.

A powerful argument when choosing windows is their price. PVC is a little cheaper, but considering the lifespan of wooden windows, the choice is obvious. In the long run, installing a glass unit made of natural wood is a more profitable solution.

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