What Are the Effects of Domestic Violence Charges on Your Life?

by Sudarsan

When you are charged with domestic violence, it can be a life-altering event that can significantly impact the rest of your life. The worst thing you can do is wait for things to settle or try to work it out with your spouse. The best way to handle such charges is to work with a domestic violence attorney to ensure the charges do not go to your criminal record. Domestic violence charges can affect your life in many ways. Here are five significant impacts of such charges.

Child Custody

One quick way of losing child custody is being charged with domestic violence. If you have been fighting for child custody and are charged with domestic violence, the custody is immediately revoked. The court will question if you are suitable to be the custodial parent. Anything involving your children will be resolved in favor of your partner in such a case. You may also get limited with child visitation rights. Unfortunately, many parents lose custody cases when spouses falsely accuse them of domestic violence. You need to fight diligently and use the help and expertise of a lawyer to prove your innocence of the allegations.

Trouble Finding a Job

If you have been convicted of domestic violence, and it appears on your records, there are many jobs you cannot get. For instance, you cannot take a federal job involving transportation. You will also not get jobs in military service and law enforcement. In short, having this record prohibits you from taking specific jobs.

Loss of Gun and Hunting Licenses

With a domestic violence conviction, you irrevocably lose your gun ownership rights. This contributes to why you cannot serve in the military or law enforcement. Additionally, you may not be allowed to take jobs in social service, healthcare, public schools or elderly care. As if that is not enough, domestic violence charges may get your hunting or fishing licenses revoked.

Housing Choices

Some programs do not allow people with felonies or convicted of domestic violence to live in their community. Furthermore, you will not benefit from grants that enable people to afford better housing.

Voting Rights

Another problem with such convictions is that you lose your right to vote. You can only vote if you have completed your sentence and other terms like probation, parole and restitution.


One consequence of being convicted of domestic violence is losing your home. The court may order you to leave to ensure the accuser is safe. Furthermore, finding a new home with such a record is not easy. If you are not a permanent citizen, you could be deported and denied a return to the country. A conviction for domestic violence also leads to a loss of community status.

Final Words!

Some domestic violence accusations happen when the accuser is at the peak of their emotions, even without the assault occurring. According to studies, one in every ten people accused of domestic assault is falsely accused. From the details, you can see how huge the impact can be. It is critical to hire a domestic violence lawyer to ensure the charges are either reduced or dropped.

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