Features of Use and Advantages of Kitchen Islands

by Sudarsan

Today, many people dream of kitchen islands. Its name helps us to guess its meaning. In very simple terms, this construction is a table that is located in the center of the kitchen. This way of organizing space is multifunctional, practical, original and convenient. This beautiful piece of furniture can be unique. Everything depends on your requests.

Kitchen islands make your cookhouse more professional, inviting and it create an environment for quick food preparation.

Kitchen Island for Your Space

If you want to install such furniture product in your home, you should take into account several factors. Make sure your kitchen is over 15 square meters and the distance between the side of the kitchen island and the nearby object is over 100 meters. It is recommended to occupy no more than 10% of the total cook room area with a kitchen island. This is important for free and comfortable movement around your freestanding work table. After all, installing a kitchen island is designed to simplify your kitchen work, not complicate it.

Key Benefits of Kitchen Islands

  • Extra storage. If the space of your kitchen isn’t big enough, you probably have problems with storage. Be sure that additional work zone can solve this problem partially or completely. There are a lot of options for its design in order to increase a capacity of your space.
  • Stylish accent. Island goes well with interiors of different styles. Your culinary space can acquire a refined and unique look. Interesting shapes, lighting will make the island an original and stylish attribute of your kitchen. So be ready to receive compliments from your guests.
  • Excellent functionality. The construction has unhindered access from all sides. You can use it for cooking, storing, eating, working at the computer.
  • Dividing the room into zones. The dining area is separated from the kitchen by an island. We often can see this in studio apartments.

A kitchen island can be made from a wide variety of materials. It all depends on your preferences. It can be artificial stone, wood, chipboard, stainless steel, glass, marble, concrete.  In any performance, it will look good. There are also various forms of construction – oval, square, rectangular, any non-standard shape. Both stationary and mobile islands are widespread. Each of them has own pros and cons. Kitchen island anyway is very useful furniture product. They actively continue to gain popularity and improve.

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