First-time Car Owners: What They Must Know About Safety

by Sudarsan

In facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it is surprising to know that used car sales have boomed in the past months. Despite the global financial crisis, clients have resorted to purchasing cars during this situation. One factor that should be noted is that many individuals have been trying to avoid mass transportation to prevent the spread of the virus.

From saving up for a brand-new car, they could settle for a decent quality but used unit. For first-time car owners taking advantage of the current sales boom, a professional mechanic can provide the services you need to keep your car in good shape, especially if you are still starting with your interest in automobiles.

When purchasing a car, whether new or used, you still have to make sure you are safe and healthy during the whole transaction process. Although the market today is suitable for buying a car, you still have to follow the implemented COVID-19 guidelines.

Buying a Car amid COVID-19

It might seem difficult to buy a car these days, but with the current circumstances, this might be your only reason to purchase a car of your own. Here are some tips on how to buy a car despite the ongoing global health crisis. 

When buying a used car during the pandemic, almost everything will be done online these days. Your transactions will mainly be online, and the dealer will make you feel as if you are at the car dealership itself. 

Before you buy a car online, make sure you do your research. This will allow you to protect yourself from the virus while shopping. With the less time needed for in-person transactions, you and the car dealer will both be safe from the virus. 

Get an idea about the car you want by making easy comparisons of different models online. Doing so will allow you to quickly refer to a specific model when talking to your car dealer. Nowadays, it is always better to conduct most transactions and research online to avoid in-person contact as much as possible.

You can also ask your car dealer if they offer home delivery. Not all dealerships will allow this, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. This will be a safer way for you to transact, given that you won’t even have to leave your home to fetch the car.

In case there is a great need for you to personally go to the car dealership to sign documents, ask the car dealership what precautions they are currently taking to avoid the spread of the virus. If you are not satisfied with their company protocols, you can explore other options regarding car dealers. As much as you are excited about purchasing your dream car, make sure you prioritize your personal safety.

As in any situation these days, always keep disinfection agents on hand. Don’t forget to disinfect all touchpoints in your car before and after you head out for a test drive. This is especially important if you are buying a used car because you never know how the previous owner or the car dealer took care of the automobile.

Avoid the tradition of shaking hands after finalizing a deal. It may be your first time buying your own car, but the handshake will have to wait. In line with this, make sure to wash your hands and not touch your face even after the transactions have been done. 

Buying your own used car during the pandemic is an effective way to minimize mass transportation, further spreading the potentially fatal virus. Although purchasing your first car is an exciting milestone, don’t get too excited that you forget to follow safety protocols when transacting with car dealers. 

Car Maintenance Pointers for First-time Owners

While your excitement these days is understandable, you have to remember to be a responsible car owner. Apart from following strict health protocols before, during, and after your sales transaction with the car dealer, you also have to take precautions while driving. These days, people might be on the edge of anxiety, affecting their driving on the road. Take these tips to make sure you get the most out of your new ride.

As a car owner, you have to drive with care no matter what model or condition your car is in. This is the number one rule in driving, which is to always prioritize your safety. 

Accelerate slowly when you begin to drive to avoid wearing down your engine. Avoid racing your car’s engine during start-up, which could quickly wear down your vehicle. 

Take care of your tires through careful driving. Observe speed limits so that you can extend your car tire’s lifespan.

These days, it is important to minimize your trips as much as possible to minimize contact with possible cases of COVID-19. Doing so will also benefit your car’s condition as short trips can be consolidated into one. This is because the usual wear and tear of a car’s engine happen in the first few minutes of driving.

There are more ways to stay safe while driving and while outdoors. Make sure you strictly follow health and road policies to keep yourself safe at all times. 

Buying a car during this pandemic might seem odd, but it could be an effective way to stop the further spread of the virus. Contributing to the welfare of our community is one good way of becoming a good citizen.

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