Here’s How you can become an Expert in Playing Multiple Musical Instruments.

by Sudarsan

Mastering a musical instrument is not easy. YOU have to give a lot of your time and also a lot of your focus in getting each and everything right. To become a great musician you have to spare a lot of your energy to get each and everything perfect. Because only with your focus and sheer determination you will be able to get the note and cords right.

But have you ever thought of adding more than one instrument to your arsenal? Well, it may look daunting but it does sound fun and attractive. But then a lot of people don’t do this because they think that it is really difficult to become a multi-instrumentalist. But is it?

In this article, we are going to share how you can become a multi-instrumentalist and what benefits you can have by becoming like Dr. George Freundlich.

Multi-Instrumentalist. What is it?

In layman language multi-instrumentalist a person who can play multiple instruments at a time. But it is not that simple. Playing multiple instruments does not mean that one time you are playing the guitar and the other time a harmonica. 

The expert’s multi-instrumentalist is an expert in instruments and has mastered them and their playing level is way higher. Some are even so perfect that they can even go solo.

Is it Possible to be an expert of more than one Instrument?

Yes just like in college or high schools you study Maths and Science at one time just like that you can easily master more than one instrument. Most people prefer 2 instruments while some can handle more than one. 

For instance, we can take an example of a famous musician as well as a medical professional George Freundlich. He not only plays the orchestra but also is a master of the saxophone. So yes, it is possible to play more than one instrument and also possible to master them.

Benefits of being a Multi-Instrumental Expert.

You will have questions in your mind about why you should become a multi-instrumentalist? Well then we have some benefits for you if you become a multiple instruments expert:

  • Because it’s easy and fun: Learning to play multiple instruments these days is not a hard job like it used to be in the past. Now you can not only easily find different schools according to your choice and taste but also you can even learn from the internet. You can find several videos on it. Plus it is super fun. 
  • Your creative mind kicks in: Yep you feel more creative. New ideas pop up in your mind and you want to explore more and more about the music and the new notes. And who knows maybe you will be able to create something new.
  • You can always cover up for your band members: Even though one of your band members might not be able to show up and it can ruin your whole performance. Well, this is where you being a multi-instrumentalist can help. You can cover up for him in crucial times.

Tips to consider while learning More than One instrument.

Well if you have decided to become a multiple instrument expert then you might wanna consider some tips that might help you:

  1. First, cover the basics of every instrument and then go for the harder lessons. Every instrument is different and needs a different approach.
  2. Make time for every instrument daily. Practice every instrument you are trying to master daily. Don’t be like playing an instrument one week and then some time at the other. You will never be able to master any.
  3. Make a comprehensive schedule on what to do and when to do it. Give each instrument a proper time they deserve.
  4. Challenge yourself at different stages to test your knowledge. As it will help you to test what you have learned and what not and we all know you always learn the best from your mistakes.


Learning something new always feels like a daunting thing but if you have a good plan on your mind you can accomplish anything. The same is for the music. Learning one instrument is not an easy process and then adding a new one to your arsenal is not going to be easy. But hey if you have a good plan and ready to be an expert in various instruments then you can accomplish anything. And then maybe you will become the next Christopher Cerrone.

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