Figuring Out the Appropriate Time to Clean Your Attic

by Sudarsan

Attic, undoubtedly, is one of the toughest places to clean in a home. For some, it’s a place where so many childhood memories reside, while for others, this is a part of the home where only junk lies. In a latter scenario, the best choice would be to hire the best attic cleanouts Solano County services

Before you decide to clean out your attic, there are numerous things you should do. One question usually comes to mind what is the best time or season to clean your attic? Is it winter, summer, fall or spring? Regardless of the time of the year you have decided, keep in your mind to clean out your attic at least twice per year.

Continue reading to know more about attic cleaning and the right time to do it:

Spring Season

Spring season, in my view, is the best choice for cleaning. There are several reasons behind it, some of them are;

Adequate Temperature

The spring season arrives in the middle of winter and summer. It is quite friendly with respect to the temperature. You can work easily even in the noon hours. While in extreme temperature seasons, it is tough to manage working time as in summer, you are only able to work in morning and evening and winter; you can conveniently work only in noon hours.

Less Trash Generation time

There is less trash of plants in this season as the plants have removed old leaves in the recently passed autumn and they are in process of generating new leaves. Thus, there is less garbage collection after the cleaning. It is a good time for cleaning in this view.

Favorable Time for Attic Inspection

After the winter rains, the attic could be dumped or damaged from any place. It could lead to the seepage, or rusting of metallic installations, so, in spring, you would be able to inspect the attic top thoroughly whether it is healthy or not.

Favorable Time for Attic Repairing

During the inspection, if any damage is found, there is a much sufficient time cushion to get it repaired. Some repairs need to avoid the water reaching until it gets ready, so, in spring and soon after, there is less chance of rain. Thus, it is the best time for cleaning as well. 

Selection of working hours

All the hours in a day are appropriate to work on. However, you must plan a more convenient time to feel easy in all aspects. You must start cleaning in the morning hours, so it could be completed by noon, or if not completed, you can have a rest and can complete the remaining in the evening hours till the daylight dims.

Winter Season

The Winter season is the second-best choice after the spring to choose for the cleaning purpose. Some of the reasons are as under;

Availability of More Working Hours

Unlike the summer season, there is no problem with extreme weather in the noon and afternoon hours. There are limited hours to work on in summers whereas, in winter, you can easily continue the cleansing process without any hazard of high temperature.

Removal of Maximum Trash

It is the end of the year and there is autumn to come very soon after winter. So, there is enough trash collected in the attic throughout the year that must be removed on priority. 

Non-Breeding Season of Birds

It is the non-breeding season of birds; most of the nests are vacant so they are easy to remove these days.  While attempting in breeding season will reproduce the number of the nest again immediately.

Emergency Cleaning

Sometimes, due to specific occurrences such as extreme snowfall, rains, wind storms, constructions, etc., there is no reason to wait for the best time to ripe for the cleaning. It can give you serious financial loss even. So, try to clean immediately in such circumstances to save your assets from any damage.

Especially, after a heavy snowfall, it is necessary to remove the snow from the house immediately. Long time snow presence on the roof can lead it to seepage and even reduce the life of the building.  Post-construction cleaning is also needed to be done immediately.

Hiring the Services Professional Cleaners

Hiring the services of any professional company is another best option for the cleaning of your attic irrespective of time selection. Make sure to hire a reliable and reputable company. Other than that, it is equally important to dispose of all the junk that has been accumulated in the attic. For this, you can rely on 3 Kings Hauling and More – a renowned junk removal company..

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