How Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help You With Title Search

by Sudarsan

Real estate lawyers work with a whole spectrum of cases related to property and real estate deals. It would be wrong to say that the field is limited to legal help in purchasing and selling residential homes. Check, their experts are a great example of the expertise a real estate lawyer should really have. And as one of the most common issues, they can help with title search.

What Real Estate Lawyers Do

The primary job of a real estate lawyer is to ensure you get the best property deal deals and make the most profit from it. This means that he/she should conduct a thorough research, verify all the data, and finally move you in the right direction during negotiations. Their skills and knowledge can be helpful when buying, selling or renting a property.

What is Title Search and How it Works in Canada

Title search is a process of finding out whether or not an individual or a corporation owns the land you are about to purchase. The title search in Canada can be done either from the provincial registry offices or from a private company. If a lawyer is involved in your purchase, they will take care of this task for you.

When You Need it Anyway?

Title search is needed when you are considering buying a property and in most cases, even if you are thinking of renting it out to others. In the latter case, the title search will help you with your duties as a landlord.

What You Need for Title Search

It doesn’t matter whether you need the name of the owner or office that is responsible for making a claim on the property. Either way, all you really need is a valid address. You can also get the results in a digital form, so you won’t have to wait for it in the mail.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for it?

A real estate lawyer is probably the best choice for a title search. Their thorough homework ensures that all the details are taken care of and the result is clear. A real estate lawyer can ensure that your job is done correctly, efficiently and in the right way.

It wouldn’t be right to say that you NEED a real estate lawyer, but you probably WANT a lawyer to do it for you. Working with registries requires some experience and basic understanding of the software.
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Besides, it can be a little time-consuming.

Think of it as a car repair. Can you do it yourself? You definitely can. Unless it’s forbidden by the manufacturer, you can easily repair your own car. Maybe you’ll need a few hours of YouTube guides, maybe you’ll just need to read your owner’s manual. Even though you CAN — it doesn’t mean that you should. There are people that specialize in it, will do it for a fair price, and will save you a lot of time you would have to waste otherwise.

Choose The Right Lawyer for Your Title Search

Finding the right lawyer for title search is a matter of simple and standard procedure:

Make sure that they have a track record and good reviews;

Check their credentials and make sure that they have all the certifications you think are necessary;

See what the lawyer will do for you. What is their process? Be sure that the lawyer won’t just take your money and you will get a result at the end;

Ask for an estimate. How much will it cost you? If it is more than you think it should be, there are other lawyers that can do it for less;

Look at the overall value of your deal. If the price is too high — look for a different lawyer.

You can trust a lawyer with a membership in an association to be honest because it would be hard for them to hide anything from their colleagues or from the public.

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