How to Check Your Car Before a Road Trip

by Sudarsan

The past two years have not been some of the most kind for adventure lovers. The lockdown and other social distancing due to coronavirus have limited where and how often you can take a trip. most people haven’t taken a road trip since the onset of the virus.

With the vaccination in place, the world is opening up. This is the time to hit the road and visit the destinations you had lined up. However, ensure your car doesn’t become a hindrance to having a good time on the road trip.

Here are some of the tips to prepare your car for the trip.

Change the car fluids

The fluids are the lifeline for your car. You always need to change or top them up after a given motor operation duration or miles driven. For now, given the car might have not been in use for some time, you are never too sure of the fluid’s conditions. 

Look at the state of the oil, radiator, brake, power steering, transmission, and windshield fluids. In most cases, you will find them filthy after an extended period of inactivity. You don’t need to be an expert to change the fluids. 


The tires are crucial for the safety of your vehicle. You need the tires to be in the right state to ensure stability and control of the car. Check the tire pressure to establish any cases of under or over inflation. The right Padangos ( ) ensures proper braking hence full control of the car.

The tire tread depth also matters. A higher tread depth increases grip on the road surface due to increased friction. With that, you don’t have to struggle on sliding surfaces or with poor braking. To ensure proper tire function throughout the trip go for tire balancing, rotation, and alignment. 

Replace the pandangos ( in case of extensive damage. Look for the ideal tire depending on the car, weight, and destination. 

General car maintenance 

The right padangos and fluids can only be useful on a well-maintained car. Examine the car to establish that all the parts are functions. Clean, repair and replace the various worn-out parts. 

Change the brake pads, air filters, and light bulbs for your safety and that of the other road users. You also ensure the belt and horses are operational, same as the wipers. 

Given the various parts of the car that need attention, start the maintenance early. You can also consider an expert for complicated parts. For the replacements, only purchase legit parts from sites that offer assured functionality. 

Once all the parts are in place, tidy up by cleaning and organizing the car. Also, ensure to protect your vehicle’s interior by installing car floor mats and liners, and seat covers.

New additional checks 

Given the new coronavirus period, there are various additional checks to include before setting off for your road trip. Include hand sanitizers, disposable gloves, face masks, and Clorox wipes. Safety still reigns when on the road trip. 

Bottom Line 

A road trip is an ideal way to detox and regain the usual worldly feeling after the indoor period. Use the above checklist to help you prepare for the road trip in line with the current world situation. 

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