How to Downsize for a Move

by Sudarsan

Generally the process of moving from your residence to your new home has a lot anxiety and stress. But if you must downsize, the stress may even be double.
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Most people don’t like living in clatter, but also don’t want to part ways with their cherished belongings.

On top of that, they may also not know how to get rid of unnecessary items without giving up the things they love. Moving experts at Virginia Beach Movers recommend that it’s vital to make the right decision when downsizing for a move. If you have an efficient and wise downsizing strategy, you’ll create a stylish and comfortable living environment in your new home.

Here are some ways that you can downsize for a move.

Decide On The Fate Of Every Item

If you’re moving to a smaller home, you may have to leave behind any useless or partially useful items that you have and take with you items of sentimental value. This may require you to effectively go through every belonging of yours as you assess their value. Once you’ve determined their value, you can then decide what to do with them.

It would be best to start with storage spaces and areas that tend to have junk before proceeding to the attic, basement, garage, and shed. You’ll probably find a lot of stuff that you forgot about and things that you didn’t even know existed. Probably you stored them because you thought they might be useful in the future or don’t know what to do with them. Get rid of such items because you’ll not miss them or need them.

Also, you need to set aside duplicate items, items you don’t like, and outgrown items. You can give them to your family members or friends, sell them to get extra money to finance your move, or donate them to charity. Once you do away with things you don’t need, focus on the practical items you require daily and can never do without. Pack them because you’ll be taking them to your new home regardless of the limitet space you have.

Go Digital

In the current digital era, technology can help you to downsize for a move. You can save a lot of things on your hard drive, upload them to clout, or make copies of CDs and DVDs. Paper documents and pictures can be scanned, while you can take the photos of kid artwork and old craft projects. The digital versions of these items won’t consume any physical space, yet you’ll preserve the enjoyable content, vital information, and emotional memories.

Give Special Items To Special People

If you have valuable items in your home that remind you of old memories, yet they’re not making your life more enjoyable, comfortable, or happier, you can give them to people you love. That way, you’ll free up the space in your home and will rest knowing that they’re making somebody else happy. However, you need to think of people who would cherish or benefit from such items.
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Summing Up

Downsizing when moving may be an efficient way of saving money and decluttering your life. It’ll help you to eliminate excess physical baggage, and free you from unimportant emotional baggage, making you start a new life in style.

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