How To Ensure Your Air Conditioner Is At Its Best State

by Sudarsan

No one enjoys being hot, especially during the summer. The best way to combat this is with a good air conditioner. Unfortunately, most people don’t know when to visit an aircon company to service or buy new air conditioners like This article will cover how you can ensure that your current system is at its best and ready for use in all seasons.

1. Clean Clogged Vents

If you notice that your conditioner has vents that are blocked with dust or debris, clean them out. This will promote the even distribution of cool and warm air throughout the room and prevent dirt from being blown into other parts of the house. 

Some ways to unblock these vents include using a vacuum cleaner attachment, blowing compressed air through an opening in one vent into another like a straw, and rolling up paper towels tightly and inserting them down openings until they reach the bottom. You can do this several times before emptying contents on the ground.

2. Keep The Condenser Clean

The second way to ensure that your air conditioner is in its best condition and running smoothly is by keeping the condenser clean. 

The condenser serves as a cooling unit for the home’s heating system, so you should clean it regularly with diluted bleach water or other cleaners recommended by an HVAC contractor. 

Condensers need to be checked every six months without fail. Otherwise, you could risk having issues like ice forming on them during the wintertime due to coolant leakage.

You may also want to consider replacing any tubing in the coils which might have been damaged over time if you live in an area with constant freezing throughout autumn and wintertime periods.

3. Strategically Close Vents

One of the most common mistakes people make when installing and maintaining an air conditioner is failing to close vents strategically. You want to ensure that you close all vents in rooms that are not occupied by human beings or pets while leaving open those which serve a living area containing humans or animals. 

Closing these vents will prevent cold indoor air from getting into other parts of your home, thereby ensuring better circulation for less money.

4. Service The Unit

The AC is only as good as the unit. If you haven’t it for a while, or if there’s something wrong with the unit itself (or any of its parts), then you’re probably not getting the cooling that this system should be capable of. 

A lot can go wrong over time: from clogs to leaks and faulty motors. Get your air conditioner checked out by an experienced professional every few years before it starts affecting you in more ways.

5. Run Your Unit Continuously

The unit should run continuously when the humidity level is high. When you do this, your AC will remove moisture from the coolant and blow it outside where it belongs. Remember that a good air conditioner doesn’t just flush out water; it also releases heat. 

6. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans circulate air and keep it from getting stagnant. It’s essential to use them for at least eight hours a day, even on hot days. They also have other benefits like reducing your energy bill by up to 18%.

7. Clean Your Filter Periodically 

If you want to keep your air conditioner in the best shape, change or clean its filter once a month during the cooling season. That way, it will maintain its optimal performance and run at full capacity for longer periods. 

8. Clean The Coils

The coils, which are the most vital component of your air conditioner, should be maintained and cleaned. You can do this by shutting off the power to the unit, removing any debris from around it (including leaves), and then spraying them with a mixture of cold water and bleach to remove the dirt or grime that has accumulated on the coil’s fins. 

For safety purposes, wear gloves and an appropriate mask when cleaning out refrigerant lines and so that there is no chance for contact between toxic gases and skin cells. 

After being sure all gas flows have been stopped, cover up both ends of each line to prevent air from escaping before beginning work on other parts. 

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons why you may choose to have your air conditioner checked. Not only can it prevent expensive repairs later, but it could also save you money on electricity bills over time. Most importantly, servicing your unit will ensure that it performs at its best capacity.

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