How to Get the Most Competitive Moving Quotation

by Sudarsan

Whether it’s your first time moving, or the twentieth time, the process can get daunting, especially when you consider you need to choose a moving company. As you know, not all companies are the same.

When it comes to picking on the ideal candidate, price weighs heavy on your final decision. To ensure you are off to a great start, use these easy to follow steps to pick the most competitively priced yet professional contractor like Grizzly movers.

Price to compare to

As bizarre as it may seem, some moving companies won’t provide you with a price quotation until the entire moving process has commenced. If a contractor fails to offer any quote, move along.

Reputable companies will offer you a free quotation, depending on your household’s size or items you need to be moved. So, always you have a quote, to begin with, or you may end up paying for this.

Cheaper isn’t always better

Unless you are a multi-millionaire, most people are programmed to go for the most affordable option. But, when it comes to moving, this could have unintended consequences. If the quote you receive is much lower than the industrial average, then think twice.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you should go with the most expensive option. The trick is to find a balance between quality service and rational pricing.

Shop around

Like with most purchases, you need to refrain from going with the first bid that comes your way; you might miss out on the best deal. Hence, as tiresome as it may be, take your time to seek out multiple quotations.

This way, you can compare the various services and costs. In the end, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.

Moving practices

A company’s price needs to reflect the quality of their moving practices. Excellent, reliable companies will enjoy a favourable reputation, which they have duly earned. Have a quick look online to read the contractors’ reviews.

Additionally, try and find out if they offer exceptional amenities like quality packing materials and methods. Similarly, always pick a company that’s duly certified and licensed.

This way, should anything happen to your items, you can rest assured you’ll be compensated.

Pricing methodology

As you move around comparing bids, don’t forget to ask the various companies how they come up with their quotes. The best company will have a fixed means of coming up with a pricing mechanism.

A knowledgeable company will offer you multiple bids, all with varying conditions.  Ask the firm how they come up with their price quotes. If a company’s response is a bit vague or fails to provide an answer, that’s a red-light, and you need to move on.

As we wrap things up, when you are looking to move, it’s always best to go with the local service providers within your place. This is because they can come to your property in record time, thereby limiting chances of delay.

Also, some moving companies- especially those operating from afar tend to charge you gas fees. All this ends up getting added to your existing bill. Moreover, if there are any issues, it’s easier to resolve matters with a local contractor like Grizzly movers than out of state players.

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