How to make your bedroom smell fresh

by Sudarsan

Did you know that most people spend around ten hours of their day in the bedroom? Now that you know you spend more than a third of your day in the bedroom, would it not be important to keep it fresh and smelling nice? Besides making you feel good, having your bedroom smell fresh can improve your blood pressure and heart rate, help your stomach digest food more effectively, strengthen your immune system, and decrease the chance of you being obese. And the best part of keeping your bedroom fresh is that it won’t even cost you much money, time, or energy. Here are some things you can do to help keep your bedroom fresh.

Identify foul smells

If you realize that your bedroom has an unpleasant smell, do not try to mask it by applying an air freshener or lighting a scented candle. These are short-term solutions that will not last for long. They are also harmful to your health since commercial air fresheners may release toxic volatile organic compounds into the air of your bedroom. A foul smell will overcome any attempt to cover it at the end of the day.

You can start by looking for mold and mildew in dark and damp places in your bedroom. Completely inspect other parts of your bedroom for water leaks, condensation, mildew, mold, or moisture. Look for mold and mildew in laundry baskets, potted plants, air conditioning vent, windowsills, and on the carpet. If you find any mold or mildew it is important to clean it off right away. If any pipes are leaking repair them immediately because molds and mildew thrive on leaking pipes.

Dust your bedroom

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The next action to take is dusting your bedroom. Dust contains both outdoor and indoor particles which can be insect droppings, dead skin, pollen, and other random things. These different components of dust may cause an allergic reaction to you. Dusting your room will keep your bedroom dust-free and help you to breathe easier. It will also prevent the particles from making your room have a musty smell. You should dust every part of your bedroom including the blinds, light fixtures, the top of windows and doors, and baseboards.

Clean your sheets and laundry

Make sure that you change your bed sheets at least once a week because you spend a lot of time on them. Also, make sure that you change your pillowcases regularly to keep your pillow. Besides your featherbed having good mattress reviews, also make sure that you clean, lift and flip your mattress to shake off dust and particles. Ensure that the laundry hamper is emptied on a regular basis. You should wash excessively sweaty clothes right away instead of putting them in a laundry basket. Putting them in the laundry basket will lead to them causing unpleasant smells because the gasses being released by bacteria break down the sweat and oil left behind on sweaty clothes.

Turn on the dehumidifier

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If you do not have a dehumidifier, you should consider investing in one. This is because moisture can become a huge issue for you if you want your bedroom to have a great smell. Damp surfaces and most air are ripe areas for mildew and mold to grow in. You might have a difficult time keeping your house from getting too humid depending on the climate of your region. Humid air can trap foul smells and pollutants. The humidifier will help pull moisture out of the air and make it less accommodating for mold and mildew and keep your bedroom less stuffy.

Use an air purifier

An indoor air purifier will help to trap and destroy air pollutants around your bedroom. This will effectively remove some of the sources of bad odors. 

Clean your pets

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Make sure that your dogs and cats are bathed regularly to prevent them from having a foul smell due to the gathering of particles on their furs. Bathing them will also prevent them from catching some infections that may make them smell bad.

Final thoughts

Having your bedroom smell nice and fresh will make your life much easier. As you have seen it does not take much to achieve that. All you need is just some basic hygiene habits.

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