Keep Your Floor Looking as Good as New

by Sudarsan

It doesn’t matter whether you’re frequently having guests over, running a warehousing business, or running a manufacturing plant, your floors should always look as good as new. After all, your home represents you, and the look of your business represents the state of your business.

There’s a way to keep your floor looking as good as new, whether it’s a residential one or one at a manufacturing plant. So, let’s discuss maintaining different floor types and their new look as long as possible.

Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the more expensive type of flooring, and installing it requires the work of professionals. Maintaining it doesn’t. You don’t need to be a professional to maintain a 

hardwood floor, all you need is:

  • Regular vacuuming: It’s recommended with any floor type, but hardwood flooring requires a little extra care, because bits and pieces can get in between the boards after time. Plus, these bits can scratch your floors, and that’s why it’s important to vacuum on a weekly basis.
  • Regular sweeping: It’s done for the same reasons. Dust particles are everywhere and they always find their way into cracks and splits. The worst thing is that eventually they get in between the boards too.
  • Regular refinish: It’s important to apply a fresh coat of finish on your hardwood floor every few years. Depending on how much you step on it, but you certainly won’t count the steps, so it’s every 3 to 5 years.

Maintaining Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is one of the cheaper flooring solutions. The two most common concrete flooring types are plain concrete and epoxy coated concrete. The latter is more common in the industrial sphere. So, let’s look at how to keep these looking as good as new.

Plain concrete

It’s fairly easy to maintain plain concrete. A suggestion is to clean it with a soft broom, blower, or you can wash it with a garden hose. You can use a mild soap, but the best way to go is ammonia.

It’s necessary to use a degreaser for the stairs. Clean any spills immediately because they can leave a nasty stain if you leave them unchecked. This will surely keep your concrete flooring looking new.

Epoxy coated concrete

The most common type of flooring used in warehousing businesses and factories, the best thing we can do to maintain the fresh look of this type of flooring is try to prevent any damage. The reason is that it’s more prone to damage than other flooring types because of its use.

Here are a few things we can do to maintain that new look:

  • Remove grit and dirt: It’s necessary to remove any grit, because if it stays in the same spot for a longer time, it can get embedded into the epoxy coating. Use soft brushes and vacuums.
  • Chemical spills cleanup: The main perk of any epoxy floor coating like Jdl Surface Coatings epoxy and the reason it’s used in industry is its chemical resistance. However, it’s not resistant forever, so it’s best to clean up spills immediately. It’s also good to have a chemical neutralizing agent somewhere close.
  • Regular cleaning: Unfortunately, regular cleaning of epoxy coated concrete means using ammonia. No citric acids or vinegar, just ammonia and that helps remove grease buildups and other residue.

Maintaining Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is an easy-to-maintain solution, and it’s very common in bathrooms and kitchens. Basically, it’s common in areas where the floor is usually wet most of the time. To keep tile floors as good as new:

  • Vacuum: Even though tiles are usually cleaned with a mop, a good thing is to vacuum them before mopping up the dust and other tiny dirt particles.
  • Mop up: Keeping the tile floor looking shiny is done by using a wet mop, and that’s all you need, actually. You can also add some cleaner to the bucket of water you’ll use. This can give a refreshing smell to the tiles.
  • Add rugs: If you add rugs to certain areas, these will make the floor look cleaner. Also, rugs collect dust. Plus, they keep your feet warm when you go to the bathroom, or you’re cooking in the kitchen.

Clean the grout: Remember to clean the grout, the lines between the tiles that actually make the tiles look even dirtier than they are. Use a scrubber and tile grout cleaner to take care of them. This will definitely give your floor a brand new look.

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