Know Why Leading Entrepreneurs Admire Merino Wool Shirts’ Minimalism

by Doug Brown
Know Why Leading Entrepreneurs Admire Merino Wool Shirts’ Minimalism

Whether we talk about wearing those iconic blue jeans and a black turtleneck sported by Steve Jobs; Barack’s suit and tie combo, or Mark’s hoodie and t-shirt, all these are the examples of victorious people who wore the same thing every day. Every time, they all had something decent, minimal, and of timeless quality. Can you guess what it was? Well, they had the Merino wool shirts in common. However, the question remains why even the world’s most successful people admire them. So, let’s get started then! 

Helps Declutter 

The foremost and most basic reason is that it helps in declutter lives because a cluttered and disorganised environment usually challenges your attention while distracting from the essential routine tasks. The chaos of having a teemed closet with different colour shorts, stuffed in drawers, and other cabinets can create a topsy-turvy environment. Yes, an abode that lacks focus, which is eventually something that the top tech leaders and entrepreneurs won’t admire at all. 

Sets a brand identity 

Wearing similar men’s merino wool shirts for people like Jobs and Zuckerberg had a list of benefits, helping in strengthening their brand. For instance, wearing a light faded jeans, black/grey merino shirt, with circular-shaped glasses, and heading to a Halloween party will allow the people around you to guess who you are. Even ideas like these have renowned brands like Apple in building a communicated philosophy of minimalism and functionality. For individuals who get to see customers and clients every day, this is a smart approach.

It’s Modest!

For individuals who are into leadership positions, communicating humility to the fellow team members or employees is a mandatory thing. If we consider the traditional work model, then the CEO would roll through a voguish suit to differentiate. However, this model is no more in the scenario now as it doesn’t help in creating a suitable, productive, and modern workplace. A modern leader will always prefer to be approachable and would still like or initiate things in the most straightforward manner. Like, picking up an appealing set of 3 or 4 merino wool shirts with comfy boxer briefs and socks for the daily work routine will feasibly broadcast humility, style, and taste at one time. 

Lessens Decisions 

If you have a simple capsule lineup of merino mens’ shirts in your closet, you can quickly grab an attire, wear it, and be ready to go. In simple words, you won’t waste your morning energy to pick shirts or what to eat at breakfast. This is how having a selected range of non-iron merino shirts can eliminate the decision-making process and to get back to work on time.

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