Mistakes to avoid when buying a new bed

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Everyone values good sleep, and the type of bed you have will determine the quality of sleep you get. However, not many people understand how to choose the right bed and mattress. Some go shopping for the two in isolation, and that’s why they end up frustrated.

See below some mistakes to avoid when buying a new bed frame

Don’t go for the cheap

Anything good comes at some cost, and when it comes to buying bed frames, you need one that will hold the mattress firmly. Again, you need a durable one so that you don’t keep buying a bed year after year. Look for a bed frame made of strong wood or other materials that cannot be broken easily. Cheap material like plastic and those other weak ones can easily frustrate you.

Avoid too hard materials.

There’s always a misconception that hard-framed beds are better. For some people with sore backs, hard beds may be recommended, but only for corrective purposes. But firmness doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. You need to consider your build and weight; bigger built people will require a firm feeling mattress to have appropriate support.

 Consider your sleep position; front and back sleepers require a firmer support level compared to a side sleeper. 

Generally, a too-firm bed leads to the development of pressure points which cause the body to reposition during the night.

Avoid too soft

Most of the time, people react to sleeping on a soft bed after being on a hard one. That is like moving from the frying pan to the actual fire. You need to consider your body weight and shape. If you are a heavy person, say from 80Kgs, and above, then a soft bed is unsupportive. Consider the shoulder-waist-hip ratio before you get to the bed.

When looking for a mattress or a bed frame, you have to consider your partner. With a significant weight disparity, then a softer bed would work better for you. You can also trade off on firmness, and the lighter person would work perfectly with a firmer bed.

Wrong height

Ordinarily, a bed is replaced after eight to ten years. Things change over time, and one of these changes is that modern beds are usually higher than the traditional ones. If you’re restricted in mobility, a more elevated bed can be a problem when getting in/out of bed. That means you’ve to discuss with your supplier before you order. A reputable online bed shop will guide you appropriately and ensure you get the best size. When the bed frame is too high, it may spoil your bedroom outlook, and some other furniture and fittings will look dwarfed.

Don’t ignore size

If you’re a couple, you should consider more extensive bed and mattress. A double bed, for instance, will give each enough space per person. Thus, to avoid disturbance, you should go for a king-size bed frame. You could even get the super king beds in most stores due to their growing popularity.

When it comes to bed frames and mattresses, the most crucial factor to consider is your comfort. Do not buy a bed blindly; find out if the size and firmness will be appropriate for you and your partner.

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