Odometer and Mileage: Features of Stopping the Numbers on the Odometer

by Sudarsan

For many car owners, the problem of modifying the mileage becomes relevant. To stop the odometer means to freeze the numbers on it, which will allow you to adjust the genuine number of kilometers traveled at the user’s discretion. For such purposes, it is advisable to use a special device — mileage correction tool.

Odometer and mileage connection

An odometer is a mechanical or electronic instrument that determines the number of revolutions made by a wheel, that is, a counter. For one kilometer traveled by car, the wheel makes the same number of revolutions. Knowing how many revolutions it has made in general for a particular path, it is easy to calculate the kilometers traveled, and it is displayed on the mileage counter.

The information received by the device is communicated to the vehicle owner in numerical form, specifically, in kilometers of the distance traveled. It is called mileage. Thanks to this information, the car owner can determine its path during its entire service life or for a certain period.

There are mechanical and electronic odometers, the calibration of the numbers on which differs significantly.
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On an automatic odometer, the numbers are stopped manually. To prevent the odometer on the electronic odometer, you have to connect scanners and adapters. But since the mileage is recorded in the vaults, they need to be found and reprogrammed. Individual blocks may not be adjustable. In such cases, special filters have been installed that block the reading of information. It is more accurate for modern models, where the mileage is corrected using the OBD-III diagnostic connector.

How can you stop the run?

Progress does not stand still — the complex car station services for stopping the mileage have been superseded by a module that any car enthusiast can handle independently. It is a filter that fits into the speedometer after disconnecting its original wires. There is no need to solder wires when attaching.

The principle of operation of the module is to control the mileage when the vehicle is moving. The filter acts as a part that blocks the speedometer readings in favor of the set mode.

These features about the tool are unique:

  • The use of the filter does not imply intervention in the system.
  • It does not cause errors in the operation of the electronics.
  • The dashboard displays the filter’s manipulations, making it possible to monitor whether the device is active and adjust its operation.

Installing a mileage module is a go-to solution that stays in the shade and does not affect the car’s operation in any way. You can be sure — there will be no errors when using the device. Furthermore, there is no prohibition on stopping the mileage. It will also be challenging to prove that the filter works.

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