Preparing Your Car for an Upcoming Show

by Sudarsan

We love our cars so much that we want them to look perfect while they’re ours. But time takes a toll on its appearance and performance, which is why we pimp it up when we have the chance. We do it because we want it to stay attractive and make us look great as well as we drive around town or across borders.

Regular maintenance keeps our rides in good running condition. This is the main reason we keep up with its maintenance schedule. But some people like to take things a notch higher. They want more than just routine servicing to keep their cars running. They accessorize their rides for many other car enthusiasts to see and adore. They join car shows.

Car shows are gatherings meant to exhibit a vehicle collection from different car enthusiasts. One can find old cars from the 60s and 70s and new ones from the present time. Some people join because they want to show off what they have, while others join because they love classic cars. In any case, entering a car show is fun. However, it takes months to prepare your vehicle for the big day. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be expensive or take too much time.

The following are some tips on how you can make your ride shine in its finest presentation:

Consider joining a low-key event first

Consider joining a low-key car show first to get the feel of one. You will have an idea of the actual requirements. This way, you can have time to prepare your vehicle according to how it should be exhibited. Some shows are free, while others require paid admission. Some events allow only specific models like classic ones, while others welcome anything you bring with you. It is best to know about these before paying for something that doesn’t favor your kind of ride.

Look for beauty products suited for cars and trucks.

There are many types of automotive care products available in auto parts stores or shops near home improvement.
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One good thing about shopping at these stores is that they offer big discounts compared to those inside automotive shops.

Apply polishing compounds with care

There are many brands of polishing compounds in the market today, and you can only tell the best by trying out each one of them on your car’s exterior and checking how it performs afterward. You may need to apply several layers before seeing a real effect, so be patient and don’t expect results overnight.

Drop that bass

You know what car shows are all about, so you may want to consider upgrading your car’s stereo sound system. A car stereo with an amp is the best for this kind of event. If you don’t have one yet, it’s not a bad idea if you buy car speakers and a car subwoofer to make your car look cooler.

Keep its engine clean.

There will be many events before the car show day arrives, which means that your truck’s motor may be exposed to dust or dirt from roads or parking areas. To keep it clean and remove excess oil buildup inside the engine bay, use an old toothbrush with polish remover and gently rub each part individually until they’re squeaky clean again, then wipe everything dry with a clean cloth.

Get rid of car dents and car scratches.

You can avoid car dents and scratches using special car buffers found in car shows or automotive shops near home improvement centers. Experts at car decorating also recommend polishing the interior by getting rid of stains, wear, and tear, then applying leather oil to give your car that polished look you want for your vehicle.

Pump up the tires

If your car show is on flat surfaces only, then don’t worry about it because chances are you won’t encounter hills or slopes during the event. However, when it comes to tire pressure, you should follow what’s recommended by your trusted car dealer. It will be different from car to car so follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.

If possible, get your car steam cleaned.

This is an excellent way to prepare car interiors for car shows. However, please note that this car detailing method is best done just before the car show event itself because it can only be done once or twice a year at most.

Check out some car shows in advance.

It takes time and money to travel from one place to another, so you need to check out some car shows in your area first by either asking around or looking online for local events happening within the next couple of months. Knowing beforehand what kind of competition you’ll be facing gives you enough time to get your act together and prepare accordingly with the car show theme in mind.

Car meets can become very exciting, especially when meeting friends, car club members, or people who have similar interests in automobiles, so go on and enjoy the experience. If you want to be a regular attendee, then why not? But if this is your first time joining such an event, get out there and experience it. You’ll learn a lot from this kind of car show, and you’ll get to enjoy seeing other people’s cars as well.

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