Should Your Company Cars Carry Your Brand?

by Sudarsan

Most people spend 76% of their time either driving or using public transportation to commute to and from work. Even now that people are working from home, a large portion of the population still uses buses, trains, cabs, and personal cars to go where they need to be. In short, people are on the road most of the time. If you know this, then why are you not using vehicle branding to advertise your business? Why are you not giving away stickers and decals so other people can stick them on their cars if they want?

These are not the only statistics that matter. According to studies, commuters are exposed to advertisements on vehicles so much that these ads get around 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in a day. So, imagine what vehicle branding can do for one’s business. Somehow, you are going to be exposed to an advertisement even if you don’t actively read the brand’s name or the phone number attached to the side of the car. That exposure alone is worth thousands of dollars to a business that is trying to make a name for itself.

Cost-effective Marketing Technique

It’s no secret that vehicle branding is the most cost-effective marketing technique. You are spreading your brand’s message wherever your vehicle is. Whether it is your company car or your personal car, carrying that brand with you at all times will expose more people to it. Advertising through your vehicles is one of the best ways to create a great first impression. Even people who are not aware of who you are and what you are will be curious to know once the car passes them by on the street.

It’s an affordable method to advertise your brand, too. Why should you spend thousands of dollars on billboards when you can use stickers, decals, banners, and other marketing materials on your company car? Yes, social media is big right now, with 74% of people using Facebook and Instagram for professional reasons. However, social media marketing is a highly competitive market, with 80% of users not clicking on banner ads. This makes it all the more important for businesses to use their company and personal cars as moving advertisements.

Not only is vehicle branding a great marketing technique for your business; it also helps pay off the car loan you took to afford the company vehicle. You can even partner with some businesses—as long as they’re not in direct competition with your brand—so they can pay you to put their business names on your car. Just remember to choose a business with products or services that complement your own.
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No Absolute in Vehicle Branding

Now that you know branding using your company (and even personal) cars is essential, it’s also critical to understand what you shouldn’t do when you decide to go this route. Yes, a simple sticker applied on the sides of your car is the most effective advertising strategy. What about if you want to add more information?
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What kind of information should you put in the ad? Can you place different ads (if you have different brands) on your car?

The rule of thumb is to never confuse your target audience. If the ads confuse you (meaning it has no identity and proper message), it will probably not work for your customers either. Ads, whether on cars or other mediums, should not be confusing. If anything, they should be straightforward and without pretensions. Overloading your company car with graphics, words, and photos will not do you or the target audience any good.

You have probably seen a lot of vehicles wrapped in colors, words, and photos. Avoid doing this because remember that your audience only has a few seconds to digest the information. If they don’t know where to look, then you lose that chance of getting the message across to them. Of course, also remember not to use fancy fonts that will make it hard for people to read the address, phone number, and URL address.

If you are going to use ads on your company cars, remember to be very concise about it. Also, do not forget that your car is a three-dimensional object.
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You are losing a huge opportunity to market your brand if only one side of the car uses the ads. Remember to “wrap” all sides of the car with information about your business. This way, no matter what side of the car or van the customers see, they’ll get the same information.

Marketing in the 21st century isn’t that hard. Sure, the competition has become tougher, but there are also plenty of ways to advertise your business now. You can go the traditional route or be fully involved in marketing it on social media. You can use a hybrid system—a mix of traditional and modern. When you understand your brand, it shouldn’t be hard to know how to reach your market and make an impact on them. And as far as moving advertisements are concerned, it continues to be the most important marketing arsenal you’ll have on your side.

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