Smart Ways To Free Up Space In Your Home

by Sudarsan

We spend a great fraction of our lives inside our homes. You may not realize it but your living conditions may influence the way you live your life, which may also affect your mood and well-being. And whether you live in a small apartment or a big villa, your home will always be your haven.

That’s why creating useful space is a necessity in every home. More space means more freedom to move, which also helps to avoid any untoward accidents. Moreover, it will surely help create a pleasant atmosphere that can help you relax better.

No Easy Way

Freeing up space can be time-consuming and may require a bit of tinkering. It may also involve some tough decisions such as clearing spaces and getting rid of items that you may have been hoarding. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure this out. 

Utilize Your Yard Space 

If you’re like many people who collect stuff, it can be hard to discard things you’ve already grown used to and loved for many years. Here’s where it can get tricky to free up space. When you are fond of so many things inside your home, letting go should not be the only option.

In this case, it’s easier to find new space instead of simply cleaning them all out. For this purpose, the backyard is an easy choice. Now is a good time to reconsider a decent yard space if you haven’t had one before.

For example, adding your own deck space is a fantastic way to add a little magic to your home without taking out things that already make it special. Low-maintenance composite decking makes for amazing-looking deck spaces you’ll want to chill in after a long day out. Style it accordingly with cleverly placed ambient lighting and add some greenery for that cozy urban vibe.

Here are six smart ways to free up your space at home: 

Less Is More

A good, practical option to free up space, literally, is to declutter. Space isn’t exactly the problem if you hoard so much stuff. Worn-out clothing, old furniture, and even receipts can easily pile up and consume so much space.

Choosing which ones to let go of is often the hard part but it will surely lift some weight off your shoulders. Take your time and run through your old stuff. You can choose to donate the items you no longer use to charity or recycling plants. As for your rubbish, make sure it’ll be handled by professional waste removal services, such as the ones on this page, especially if you’ve thrown out items that may be hazardous like electronics and appliances.

Maximise Spaces

Most houses are built with a lot of storage space. Sometimes, it’s how we utilise these storage spaces that make a huge difference. Work smart and arrange your items in a way that complements the capacity of your cabinet perfectly, for example, you can organise larger items on bigger cabinets where they can fit without leaving too much extra space unused.

Buying containers and boxes that fit different sizes will also help you compartmentalize your limited space. For instance, your drawer may be filled with a mixture of small items such as pens, hairpins, and wires. Getting a drawer organiser will put these small items into one place. 

If You Can’t Beat It, Hang It

Your wall is an empty canvass that you can actually use to free up more space. Use hooks to hang your bags, clothes, and coats. Create more storage space by hanging your shoes on pegs and floating shelves.

When it comes to the kitchen, tidying up can be tricky, especially when dealing with large pans and woks. These items usually occupy a large amount of storage space. However, hanging them on countertops or kitchen walls will make room for smaller kitchen items like measuring cups or condiment jars.

Another thing you can hang is your bicycle. This takes up much space, especially when you live in a small apartment. Plus, its unique placement can be an interesting conversation starter for when you have guests. 

Think Functional

When buying furniture, consider ones that can be used and stored efficiently. For example, an ottoman that doubles as storage space and pull-out tray tables that take up less space than a regular table. 

You may consider getting foldable chairs and desks too. They’re an excellent way to save up space, especially when you won’t be using them regularly. These desks and chairs come in all sizes and styles, so it should be easy to find one that fits your preference.

Sleep On Your Storage

Your bed can take up so much space, especially if you have a king or queen-sized bed. Find the right bed and go for one that has storage space under it. You’ll surely save more space by utilising the drawers under the bed. You can also customise your headboard into a concealed storage space for your extra pillows and sheets.

More Tips

Freeing up space and organising your things can be fun too! Try more creative ideas like using binder clips to organise your wires separately and just hang them beside your charging station for convenience. You can also use a cork wall or a customisable pegboard to pin your decorative accessories that may be just hiding in your drawers and eating up space. 

If you have large windows, opening them up or just drawing out the curtains to let natural light in may help create an illusion of a bigger space. Paint your walls in light colours to create an extra spacious atmosphere. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a spacious home can be very challenging, oftentimes frustrating, but it will surely be rewarding in the end. Take your time in organising your ideas and create a to-do list. You can also use this opportunity to work with your family and enjoy the process together. 

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