The Ultimate 4 Kinds Of Locks Used In The Commercial Buildings

by Sudarsan

Nowadays, you can easily buy from a range of locks for both commercial and residential buildings. That said, a lot of vendors have online stores that allow customers to browse from a wide-array of locks. You can easily compare them by their size, price, etc.  

Locks are here to stay. In other words, they are counterparts to doors. Since there are a plethora of doors, there are different types of locks. Each serves a unique use. While some locks are also designed just for the commercial buildings. In this post, you can learn more about common types of commercial locks. By the end of the post, you will be able to decide on what kind of commercial locks to choose?

Electric Strike Locks

When it comes to locks, many individuals have started preferring electronic door locks for commercial buildings. This kind of lock brings in total security. They can be used both from inside as well as outside. Another benefit of electric locks is that they come with key codes. Without proper code, the door will not unlock. 


The two main types of electric strike lock are: –

  1. Fail-secure locks
  2. Fail-safe locks 

You can easily make a difference between the two types. The fail-secure lock will unlock the door only when the circuit is closed and current is applied to the strike. On the other hand, in a fail-safe lock – even when the circuit is closed, and power is turned on, the door-remain closed. These locks come handy on a commercial building which experiences a lot of daily foot traffic. 

Crash Bars  

Also known as panic bars are widely accepted locks in commercial settings. The locksmith in Norcross designed to increase access when exiting a door. Panic/crash bars work very differently from common locks. In most cases, they are keyless, which means they allow people to exit with much ease. No special skill is required to operate a panic/crash bar. The lock works on easy mechanics. To unlock the door all you need to do is press the bar downward. This kind of lock is commonly used in buildings that have specific emergencies. 

Keypad Locks 

This kind of door lock can be used both in residential and commercial settings. But, the majority of the time you would see one only in the commercial place because of their unique set of features. Using a keypad lock allows you to give access to multiple users without giving a key to anyone. This way you can easily increase the control of that particular commercial building. Also, it would reduce the chance of any authorized entry. 

Some keypad locks are completely keyless! In other words, they cannot be picked, bumped etc. Mostly, the keypad lock comes with biometric features and has a key cylinder as a backup option. The locksmith in Norcross could help you make sure that you get complete installation without any hassle.


Cylindrical Locks 

There are the most common locks called cylindrical lever locks. These kinds of locks are widely used in commercial buildings. You might come across these locks almost everywhere. They can be also installed in residential buildings. Locksmith in College park can take direct requests of the homeowner or property manager for cylindrical lock installation. 

It’s easy to confuse cylindrical locks with other lever locks. For example, there are also push-button lever locks which have recently started gaining popularity. Yet, not all of them utilize a cylinder. 

Lastly, ensure to pay close attention to the type of business and kind of commercial building that needs a lock. There are such wide arrays of door locks available in the market that it is easy to get confused. In case you need assistance to make a decision, get in touch with Locksmith in Norcross – it’s worth a call! Together with experts’ you can decide the lock that fits your needs. 

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