Tips to Find the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

by Sudarsan

There are a few valid reasons why more people are preferring cordless vacuum cleaners at present. They not only free you from the plug socket but they also make cleaning easier and quicker for you. Here’s a brief intro.

Getting Started with Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

While originally the cordless cleaners were considered to be an extra vacuum, the experts like Clean Home Guide consider the best cordless vacs as a replacement for the corded ones in terms of competency. 

The wire-free vacuums are generally stick-shaped and light. They are highly efficient in performing the awkward cleaning jobs, like vacuuming the stairs, the patio, or even your car.

Buying a cordless cleaner, however, can be tricky. Although there are a significant number of models available in the market, many of them fail at work. So pointing out a few areas that you must pay extra attention to while purchasing one:

Understand Your Purpose

It is essential to understand or determine your requirements before spending money on a cordless vacuum.

Mostly, these cord-free ones come with a handheld cleaning mode. Be it a pull-out handheld or a stick design they offer multipurpose utilities. The brands offer more than one mini tool which you can attach and clean the tight places or spaces up high. From doing the floor to wiping the blinds—the handheld feature is truly useful.

However, a few cordless models that have no handheld option are primarily designed for sweeping the dust off the floors.

So make a choice based on your purpose.

Check Battery Life

For how long at a stretch you can use your cordless vacuum cleaner, depends on two factors—the battery mode and the battery type. When the cleaner brand executive is showing you a demo, ask him to run it on standard and maximum mode to verify its strength. For instance, with a lithium-ion battery, your cleaner will have a longer battery life along with faster charging.

You must also keep in mind:

  • the run time can vary from less than 10 minutes to more than an hour
  • the charging time can be between 1 hour to 16 hours
  • if the cleaning settings is on higher power mode, it can cut down your battery life to as little as 7 minutes
  • some models come with a spare battery socket in case you run out of juice

Learn About Dust Capacity

Although the cordless ones are handier, it takes somewhat little more effort to use them. Relatively, wireless cleaners have less dust capacity. Generally, the corded cleaners have 2.1 litres of capacity, whereas for the cordless vacuums it is 0.6 litres. Moreover, many of them are bagless too and expose you to the dirt and the germs.

Therefore, as per the experts like Clean Home Guide, you must always wear masks and gloves while cleaning with the bagless and cordless models.

The no-cord vacuum cleaners are available at different price points, from £50 to £600.

And if your lookout is to clean only the staircase or the car, then you can invest in the standalone handheld models as those are pretty cheap. Just don’t forget to read the manual before usage so that you don’t end up damaging the machine or your home furnishings.

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