Top 10 Tips For Remodeling Small Bathrooms On A Budget

by Sudarsan

Remodeling your bathroom regardless of its size is a massive project that’s both time-consuming and expensive. Because of its considerable fee, you can easily be tempted not to refresh your bathroom’s look forever. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case because bathroom remodeling, despite the common notion today, doesn’t have to cost much for it to be considered worthy. Instead, you can implement creative yet economical ideas that can help you smartly remodel your bathroom.

However, most homeowners believe that designing a functional, clean, and bright bathroom on a budget seems unattainable. If you also have such a notion, here are ten tips for remodeling small bathrooms to consider:

1. Outline Your Bathroom Remodeling Timeline And Budget In Advance

Before you start searching for bath remodeling services in Chantilly, it’s advisable to have a clear plan. This is crucial for all home renovation projects, including bathroom remodeling. Having a clear plan in advance will help you better understand the costs you need to pay for during your bathroom renovation project. This will be vital in ensuring you don’t overspend on specific areas during the renovation because you can easily monitor different costs. Therefore, you won’t needlessly go beyond your set budget unless an unforeseen issue arises. 

2. Do Some of The Work By Yourself

Labor expenses typically account for around half the cost of bathroom remodeling. This considerable percentage is because you need to hire a broad range of experts ranging from electricians, floor tilers, carpenters, and plumbers. Some of the basic DIY bathroom remodeling tasks you can easily tackle by yourself include:

  • Painting 
  • Installing bathroom lights 
  • Tiling 
  • Demolition either of cabinetry, old wallboard, and flooring 
  • Installing new accessories like bathroom mirrors, soap dish holders, and shower curtains 
  • Installing new plumbing fixtures

With that said, watching a video tutorial won’t be enough for some bathroom renovations such as plumbing issues. You should hire a professional instead. You must do this or you risk causing significant damage to your bathroom, which means your cost-cutting efforts will be futile. 

3. Retain Plumbing In Place

When on a tight budget, you shouldn’t alter your current plumbing configuration unless it’s a must. For example, you shouldn’t bother installing new water pipes if you’re worried about breaking the bank. Instead, your focus should be on budget-friendly changes such as:

  • Use a liner to refinish your shower or tub 
  • Install a new system to retrofit your shower 
  • Only change the toilet seat 
  • Opt for a pre-fabricated shower over a tiled shower 

4. Go Green

You shouldn’t forget about environmental sustainability even as you’re remodeling your bathroom. Fortunately, you can achieve this without breaking the bank in various ways, including water-conserving toilets, sinks, and showerheads. This will ensure your home doesn’t use too much water in the long run and reduce your monthly expenses.

5. Paint Creatively 

Despite being simple, creatively repainting your home does wonders in greatly improving your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. In addition to the paint, other creative ideas to consider that further boost your bathroom’s interior look include refinishing fixtures, installing faux tile, and getting textured effects.

6. Upgrade Fixtures And Hardware 

You shouldn’t necessarily break the bank when choosing which is the ideal bathroom hardware and fixture. This is because you can find appealing picks that do wonders in boosting your bathroom’s overall space despite a cheap price tag. Some of these exciting changes include:

  • Buying new electrical plugs and plates 
  • Installing energy-efficient bulbs 
  • Installing new handles, drain, and sink faucet 
  • Installing small modifications such as toilet paper holders, robe hooks, and towel racks

7. Choose An Attractive Yet Functional Flooring 

Your bathroom’s flooring needs to be of excellent quality because water and steam over time make it susceptible to damage. Therefore, you should avoid hardwood flooring and opt for vinyl tile, vinyl plank, and ceramic or porcelain tile. These options are also cheaper and durable, so they won’t need to be replaced any time soon. 

8. Personally Design Your Bathroom 

It’s undoubtedly convenient to have a bathroom designer, but they charge a premium for their services, so you shouldn’t hire one when on a tight budget. Luckily, designing the bathroom isn’t as complex compared to other rooms of the house. Therefore, you can design the bathroom yourself, which shouldn’t be that hard after studying basic bathroom design guidelines and layouts.

9. Reuse Existing Pieces

A great way to reduce how much you spend on buying new items is by using existing pieces. Some practical and cheap ways you can achieve this include: 

  • Painting the bathroom cabinetry
  • Cleaning the bathtub
  • Replacing your sink’s faucet
  • Thoroughly cleaning the tiled shower enclosures to remove all the stains 

10. Use Cheaper Materials 

When refurbishing and retaining your current bathroom materials is preferred, there are times when there’s no other option but to replace some items altogether. If this is completely necessary, you need to get cheaper alternatives. For example, using faux-stone porcelain and ceramic tile backsplashes instead of marble or travertine, as well as opting for vinyl flooring can be your options.


Remodeling your bathroom on a budget for many homeowners might appear like a far-fetched idea. However, this is entirely attainable while still giving your bathroom a considerable uplift and magnificent look. If you’re short of ideas, this guide has outlined useful tips on how you can remodel your bathroom on a budget.

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