Top 4 Things to Remember While Renting Dumpsters

by Sudarsan

Renting a dumpster has always proved to be a convenient idea. Especially in this consumer-driven world, it is normal to have waste products for disposal. Looking around your old garage or maybe while renovating your home, there will be tons of trash. Dumping them around your house might not be an environmentally friendly idea. So, checking dumpster rentals is what you should do.

Renting a dumpster can be the closest thing to conveniently disposing of waste materials. It can make your decluttering mission easier and swift. So, what are the factors you should remember before you rent a dumpster?

1 Determining the Right Size for Your Project

This is the very first step where you will need to choose the container size that solves your requirement. It is crucial to determine beforehand because you won’t want stuff hanging from the edges in a small bin. Nor do you want a massive one where your stuff takes just a one-fourth part of it.

The most common bin sizes are 10, 15, and 20 yards. Now, you must wonder how you actually will know what’s the best size for you.

Here’s a small guide for you.

  1. The 10-yard bin: These bins are perfect if your project includes minor remodeling or dirt removal. These are also a good choice for disposing of heavy debris.
  2. The 15-yard bin: The mid-sized ones are perfect for landscaping and basic construction projects. These are also a good choice for roofing jobs.
  3. The 20-yard bin: You will need a 20-yard bin if you have an extensive renovation project coming up. Moreover, these are also fine for collecting and disposing of waste materials after demolitions or heavy item removal.

2 The Factors That Influence The Costs of Renting

The renting costs vary depending on several factors, including your delivery location, type of debris removal, and average renting hours. Besides that, you can also add various requirements related to your project.
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The final quote that the company presents you can be of two types:

  • A variable pricing-based quotation
  • An all-inclusive price quotation

To elaborate, the first one means the company will only provide you with the base rental costs. That does not count in any additional expenses that might come in between. So, expect the quoted price to increase in the final invoice.

On the contrary, the other one simply includes the final quote to the customer.

3 Review Every Bit of Detail Before Placing Your Order

A lot of people hasten the process of ordering a dumpster, which they should not. Before ordering for rent, you must be sure of every detail. Connect with the company’s customer service executives and check whether they are well-versed with your city’s regulations and guidelines for disposing of waste.

You should also ask additional questions such as:

  • Does your city require a permit to have a dumpster?
  • Is there any material or waste debris that is not allowed to throw in the bin?
  • Is there a definite or a prefixed weight limit?
  • Will there be any extra costs or charges for any reason?

Asking these will ensure you that there won’t be any complications later on.

4 How to Prepare for Taking The Delivery?

Once you complete your order, you need to ensure that you are prepared for the smooth delivery of the product. So, the first thing to do is clear the roadway where you want your product to be delivered.
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Ensure that the place has no low-hanging wires that might prevent the process. Mark the spot to make it easier for the delivery personnel to place it.

Wrapping Up

When you schedule your dumpster rentals delivery, make sure you keep track of the number of hours you are renting it. That will help you track extra costs that might come if you add extra hours. Besides that, it is a rule of thumb to book your dumpster only from professional contractors.

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