Top Advantages Of Investing In A Good-quality Inverter Generator

by Sudarsan

One of the best ways to make a home more energy efficient is with a good-quality inverter generator. This type of machine can produce alternating current (AC) power from direct current (DC) power, which means that it can convert the 120-volt AC power found in most American homes into the DC kind as needed. This permits the use of small appliances like hairdryers, microwaves, computers, or standard wall outlets. The ability to operate certain items with an inverter generator offers numerous advantages overrunning them through a camper power converter. Here are the top advantages of investing in a good-quality inverter generator.

No need to run your appliances through a converter

Most inverter generators have a transfer switch that lets you plug your appliances directly into the generator without needing to run them through a converter. Inverter generators can do this because they produce AC power from DC power, which is what most home appliances are made for. Converter systems simply convert 120-volt AC to 12-volt DC and when you plug in your appliances, they go through the converter before reaching them. Because inverter generators produce AC power directly and maintain a stable frequency and voltage, your appliances will work better when they’re plugged into one of these machines.

Protected from power surges and spikes

Inverter generators also protect appliances from power surges and spikes. As explained by the experts from Generator Sage, they produce alternating current, so that the smoothing system inside inverter generators helps to regulate power output. That way devices plugged into them can’t be damaged by irregular power surges or spikes. These fluctuations are common in many areas, especially when temperatures begin to rise and fall dramatically or there is a lot of rain. A surge protector won’t help if an outage takes place.

Energy efficient

The inverter technology in inverter generators is particularly beneficial for energy efficiency purposes. Because they produce clean, stable power directly, the appliances you plug into an inverter generator won’t draw more electricity than they need to run properly, which means that your utility bill will be lower at the end of each month. With many inverter generators, you can hook up solar panels for more sustainable energy and higher efficiency. Besides, many inverter generators are designed to function even in high temperatures, so there is no need to wait for them to cool down before you use them.

Saves you money

The energy efficiency of inverter generators also translates into savings for you. Because appliances won’t draw any more energy than they need to, you’ll be using less power at the same time that your energy bill is lowered. This ensures that you spend less on energy each month so your home stays affordable along with making it more energy-efficient. The most energy-consuming home appliances  ( such as appliances with heating elements such as ovens, range tops, and dryers) should be run on a generator whenever possible. Besides that, using your appliances with an inverter generator can significantly increase their lifespan.

Very compact and portable

Good-quality inverter generators are generally very small and light, which makes them easy to transport from one location to another. They can run on either gas or diesel fuel, and most models have a standard gas tank that is enough to provide around 11 hours of run time. Some use stainless steel propane tanks for more fuel on hand without having to refuel as often. This makes them a popular choice for fishing and hunting trips where bringing along a heavy generator doesn’t make much sense.

As you can see inverter generators offer numerous advantages over traditional propane generators.  With their compact and portable designs, you can easily take them with you anywhere, if needed, which makes them the perfect choice for any occasion.

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