What Do I Wear a Harness Bra With Simple Guide for Women

by Sudarsan

Have you ever wondered how to use a harness bra on a regular outfit? The question is often asked by womens. They think that wearing a harness bra is appropriate only for special occasions. 

But a harness bra is such a universal item in your wardrobe. If you have one, you can make your chest look prettier. Don’t you want to enjoy the way you look daily? If you are tired of simple outfits and want to make it a little spicier, using a bra harness is your choice. MarieMur.com offers quite a lot of options for women. If you don’t know where to look for the items, this site will help you. 

How to Wear a Leather Chest Harness

You may think that all these strappy designs can’t be mixed with regular clothes. But wearing a harness bra with your regular shirts or blazers is a nice idea. You can add more interesting details to the way your body looks. Let’s see what you can mix the bra with. 

  • A leather harness bra will look fabulous and add more chick to your look if you mix it with a high-waist skirt. Make sure that you don’t show too much naked body. Or see if it is appropriate to wear this way. If you choose a midi skirt with a plain design, your outfit will look so much better. And it won’t create a provocative image as well. 
  • You can use a black leather bra with a pair of jeans. It is another combination for women. At MarieMur.com, you will find lots of different variations of bras. There are bras of various colors and designs. You can choose an item with more or fewer straps. 
  • Mixing your harness bra with a blazer over it is always a nice idea. There are lots of oversized items that you can use with a bra. You simply put on a bra and wear a blazer over it. It will look stylish and mysterious. It is a perfect combination of shapes and textures for different occasions. You can choose this combination for a celebration or party. But you can also wear it for more formal events. 
  • If you want to try wearing this bra at home, you can choose another piece of lingerie to make up an amazing combination. MarieMur.com offers interesting sets of lingerie to make your home clothes more elegant and tempting. If you want to look great at home, wearing a set of harness bra is a nice idea. 

These are simple but working variations. If you want to have more harness bras in your daily life. 

Don’t Hesitate to Try

Wearing a leather harness bra shouldn’t be provocative. If you choose the correct items and combine them with elegant bras, you will look attractive. This is something new and can add spice to your outfit. Feeling more comfortable in harness bras is possible if you combine it with the right clothes. 

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