What Equal Pay is and the Importance of Pay Equity in Nashville, TN

by Sudarsan

Under the ESA (Employment Standards Act) and Nashville laws, subject to some exceptions, employers shouldn’t underpay one worker and pay the other more based on sex, as long as they work under the same department or have equal responsibilities. 

This standard is basically called equal pay for all equal work. If you feel your boss or employer violates this law, you can seek legal services from a Nashville equal pay act attorney to fight for your rights.

Overview of Nashville Equal Pay Law

The principle that men and women are eligible for equal pay for holding similar work positions and doing the same is embedded in the local and federal governments in the US.

According to Nashville law, indirect and direct discrimination on the grounds of gender concerning every condition and aspect of remuneration shall be dealt with and eliminated.

Filing a Claim in Tennessee

You can file wage discrimination either with the THRC (Tennessee Human Rights Commission) or EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

These two have what is referred to as a work-sharing agreement. This means that the two agencies work hand-in-hand to process claims.

Filing your claim with these two agencies is not necessary, provided you indicate to one that you wish to cross-file your case with the other agency.

If a workplace has between 10 and 14 workers, you will need to file with the THRC because the EEOC normally enforces federal laws covering15 employees and more in a workstation.

What is the Limit of Filing Claims?

You must bring a claim either if you are within six months of leaving the job or when you are still at work.

In case the time has already passed, you can still bring your claim to court. However, you may need to get some legal help or advice.

Substantiating Equal Pay Act Claims

Under the equal pay act in Nashville, both women and men with the same job positions and working in similar workplaces should have equal pay.

Though they should be equal substantially. All payment forms are covered by this act, including overtime pay, stock options, bonus plans, holiday pay, and salary.

There are also a few elements that you should meet in discrimination complaints under the act of equal pay. The work being compared needs equally:

  • Responsibility
  • Effort
  • Skill

The Benefits of Pay Equity

As every business leader concentrates on closing gender pay gaps and Nashville enacts more laws to cover fair payment for all employees, HR experts might need to review their organizations’ compensation practices and policies.

By making sure workers get paid equitably, employers will be able to increase productivity, efficiency, and creativity. This is achieved by reducing turnover, increasing organizations’ commitment, and attracting new talents.

The Takeaway!

Have an action plan so as to address all the issues related to equal pay. An effective action plan should detail how to fix issues with a clear timescale and major reasons for acting as soon as possible.

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