What Kind of Cases Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Toronto Work With

by Sudarsan

Commercial litigation lawyers in Toronto can take on a variety of cases, with some attorneys focusing primarily on individual disputes, while others may work more closely with companies and corporations. The most common type of case handled by commercial litigation lawyers at GLG LLP is class action lawsuits. There are also other types of cases that these professionals will handle, like contract disputes and shareholder suits. 

What Commercial Litigation Lawyers Do

Some of the most common cases that they handle are class action lawsuits, while others include disputes between companies and corporations, as well as shareholders’ suits. These lawyers also assist businesses and companies with contractual issues, such as wage and hour disputes, business interruption claims, unfair competition claims, and other torts.

In short, commercial litigation lawyers work with all sorts of cases that involve business entities and not just ordinary people. It’s a “person vs. company”, “company vs. person”, or “company vs. company” type of lawyer. 

Now — a deeper look into the list of situations when you need a commercial litigation lawyer. 

Real Estate Deals 

For example, investors are facing problems in the bidding process so they have to hire a commercial litigation lawyer to handle the case. If a dispute arises between you and your vendor, you can attract the help of an experienced lawyer who knows property laws and practices as well. 

Investment Losses 

If you’ve experienced severe losses in the stock market, it is wise to hire an experienced lawyer on hand to represent your case. Commercial litigation lawyers help investors’ lawyers to address the issue. Financial issues in this field can become very complicated so you should contact a lawyer to handle them for you.

Business Issues 

In addition, if you are a business owner, it is necessary to hire a specialized lawyer for handling a certain legal matter that may arise if your company faces difficulties. For example, if you have concerns about issues related to taxation, licensing and environmental regulations as well as labor laws, then contacting a commercial litigation lawyer is just the way to go.

Employment Litigation

It is wise to consult a commercial litigation lawyer if you are planning on dismissing a certain employee from your company. It is possible that you might face legal issues stemming from an unlawful dismissal situation, so it’s best to get in touch with an expert that can help you out. 

At the same time, if you’re an employee who gets wrongfully dismissed — you can hire a commercial litigation lawyer as well. 

We understand that “employment litigation”, while it’s definitely a term your lawyer will understand, might sound a bit vague to you. Here’s what it means most of the time: 

Wrongful dismissal

This type of litigation is mostly related to the termination of an employee. It happens when an employer without just cause or reasonable grounds dismisses an employee, or terminates the relationship with a person in a manner that is arbitrary and unfair. In this case, the employer will be required to compensate the employee for lost wages as well as compensation for any damages that occurred due to unlawful termination. 


An employer has the right to hire or fire employees for various reasons; however, there are certain areas where they cannot discriminate. One of these is if someone has been discriminated against based on religion, race, sex, or disability. Employers cannot refuse to hire someone due to their religious beliefs or the fact that they want to practice a certain religion while they are at work.


In addition, employers cannot harass their employees based on their race, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability. If there is an instance where an employer has harassed an employee because of one of these factors, it is best to consult a commercial litigation lawyer. The lawyer will help an individual file a lawsuit against the employer as well as represent them in court as they seek compensation for the damages they experienced due to the harassment. 

Wage and hour disputes

Some employees who are not paid for all of the hours they worked, or who were misclassified as an independent contractors (and not an employee), can file a lawsuit against their employer for unpaid wages. These cases are handled in two main ways: 

This type of litigation is handled in a similar way to sexual harassment cases — but on a much broader level.

Breach of Contract 

If you’ve experienced an issue with your company, such as a problem with a vendor or supplier, getting in touch with a commercial litigation lawyer can help you to address the situation. 

If you have to deal with a breach of contract, it is best to work with an experienced lawyer with this exact type of case prevailing in their track record of cases. breach of contract disputes require immense attention to detail and a lawyer that specializes in a different field might not have sufficient expertise in situations like yours. 

Final Word

The list of situations when you should call in the services of a commercial litigation lawyer is really long. GLG LLP experts can help you with anything, but listing the whole variety of situations here would take more of your time than it would be worth it: there’s no way you have every possible case at once, so you need to focus on just one area. 

One final piece of advice would be to look at the prices of your criminal lawyer. Do they charge too much or is the price fair for your case? The fees charged by criminal lawyers are generally based on the factors that are involved. The amount that you should pay for hiring one depends on what type of case you wish to resolve.

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