What the Law Says About Accident Involving an Auto Wreck Attorney

by Sudarsan

An accident involving an auto wreck attorney is legally defined as any injury in which a person is caused bodily harm by another person. As such, the accident involves a licensed attorney. If you have been injured by the negligent conduct of an auto insurance attorney, you are eligible for compensation under New York’s Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Act (MVACA).


Auto wreck refers to any injury caused by an automobile accident. It is a legal term of art and is defined as a person being injured by another person as a result of the negligent act or omission of that other person. The term “injure” in this context means any physical harm, including pain, disfigurement, and disability, or any impairment of physical condition. (See New York’s MVACA Act.)


Without question, many auto accidents are caused by the negligence of another individual, particularly those involving drunk drivers and reckless drivers who operate their vehicles while intoxicated or while inattentive. When a vehicle accident is caused by another person’s negligence, this other person has committed a wrongful act known as a tort, and you are entitled to be compensated if injured as a result of the wrongful act. In order to hold another person liable for your injuries resulting from an auto wreck, that other person must be determined to have acted in a negligent manner. Auto Wreck Attorney Lake Charles has a high success rate in auto wreck cases based on the following factors:

Blamed In The Wrong Place When an accident is caused by another party, it will often be attributed to an unrelated factor. For example, your car may have been hit by another driver who lost control of his vehicle. This can put the blame on your car instead of the guilty driver. Your own actions or omissions in your car can be used against you when the accident is attributed to another person’s negligence.

Faulty Testimony The witnesses at auto wreck accidents are often out of place at the scene and their testimony is easily influenced by bribery and other means. Witnesses tend to lie, exaggerate or be confused about what they saw that day. This can ruin your claim by providing false testimony.

Ways To Get Compensation From An Auto Wreck Attorney Lake Charles:

Petitioning The Insurance Company Your case will begin with a phone call to Car Wreck Lawyer Lake Charles or the submission of an online form. An attorney will look at your case and determine whether you are entitled to compensation. This can be done in as little as 24 hours under certain circumstances. As soon as an attorney accepts your case, he or she will contact the insurance company on your behalf and attempt to negotiate a settlement for the accident. Our attorneys know how much it costs you to be injured from injury recovery to missed work, not including other costs such as medication, medical supplies, and lost wages.

Suppose another driver runs a red light and collides with your vehicle. The driver who ran the red light was clearly negligent in running the red light, thus causing your vehicle to strike the car or truck stopped at the intersection. Lake Charles Auto Wreck Attorney ensures that it is the driver of the other vehicle who is more likely to be found to be negligent under far-reaching tort laws. In this case, the driver of your vehicle is found not to have contributed to the accident. The auto insurance attorney who was injured in the wreck will then be compensated under the terms of Louisiana Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Act.


Negligence is a failure on the part of another person to exercise due care or act with caution in a given situation. To be held negligent, another person must have knowingly done something that was likely to cause harm if not done carefully and with care. To put it another way, negligence occurs if someone acts without exercising reasonable care so as to endanger others.


Although the driver of the other car or truck should be held liable, your injury is attributed to the driver of that other vehicle. No matter how bad off you might be, however, you may be able to recover compensation under the terms of New York Auto Insurance Law if you are injured in an auto wreck.

You may file a claim for compensation for your legal costs and damages resulting from an automobile accident with the Lake Charles Auto Wreck Attorney. Our attorneys will assess the circumstances and determine whether you have a strong claim for compensation under New York’s Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Act (MVACA). If so, we will work with a variety of insurance companies to achieve fair and speedy resolution. Lake Charles Auto Wreck Attorney is here to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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