Designing a perfect laundry room for your need

by Sudarsan

When you imagine a laundry room, you think of this space in terms of utility. That’s why you emphasize increasing its functionality. The idea of adding aesthetic touch can only be secondary. It is a common approach for almost everyone. But designing a laundry room for your new or old home doesn’t have to be task-oriented or dull. You can refresh its look quickly by incorporating a few stylish elements here and there. If you need motivation, look at the suggestions below and replicate some ideas in your place to enjoy the final result. So here it goes.

French countryside vibe

You can give your classic U-shaped laundry room a perfect French touch with lots of cabinets, low maintenance countertops of different levels, and so on. There should be enough light in the room, natural as well as artificial. For the latter, you can buy modern lighting fixtures. Besides, the place should have a hanging rod where you can dry your laundry. 

Galley layout

If there is a narrow galley, you should not allow it to go waste. Equip it with closed storage and wall-mounted drying racks. This area’s color theme can be white and cream predominantly, with black countertops interrupting the monotony. At the same time, flooring can look impressive with black and white tile patterns. The walls can don graphic artwork to add attractive accents.

According to designers, when you talk about paint for your laundry room, your focus can be on appliances. Choose bright colored washer and dryer, for example, for an immediate uplift. With this, the use of graphic wallpaper can be an additional highlight.

Laundry sink

Kraus sinks easily tackle laundry day. You can explore some of the offerings for a quick idea. Since a laundry sink helps you clean delicate items, soak soiled clothes and treat stubborn stains, you cannot buy just anything. You have to be spot-on with its design. Usually, stainless steel under-mount models in square or rectangular shapes are the most preferred for their deep bowls and visual attributes. Hence, you can look for them. Simultaneously, if you cannot arrange for a custom cabinet for it, you can use a fabric skirt to hide the place under it where your supplies must be resting.

Basic functional elements

Although you may desire to build a stylish laundry room, you don’t need to add too many decorative elements. With a few functional features also, you can make this space quite beautiful and comfortable. For example, you can stack up your washer and dryer to save floor space. Along with this, going for closed cabinets and open shelves can be a smart idea. Get rolling laundry carts that you can slip under the counter. While these will make your laundry pickup task from different corners of the house comfortable and fun, you can also rely on them to impart your space a uniquely efficient and modern feel.

Wall treatments

When you consider designing a space, you cannot afford to miss any part enclosed within it. For example, walls can be the ultimate hero of the laundry room. You can give it a makeover with a carefully chosen mosaic tile backsplash or something else. Mosaic can be a long-term investment and ensure exciting visual appeal. To infuse this area with a sense of spaciousness, you can color walls and soffit near the ceiling with the same paint shade. You can also achieve it by using the same wallpaper too.

Since wallpaper can add a unique charm to your laundry place, it is up to you to decide how much you want to apply this element. You can cover the whole room or treat it as an accent. No matter how you do it, the selection will reflect your style and taste. And you don’t have to worry about your pocket much. The small size of the laundry room will keep your expenses in check. You can get those stick and peel wallpapers for a quick installation.

Barn doors

While they can look sleek and rustic, you can slide them out of your way on a channel. These will not occupy additional space for their flush design. So having them in a busy laundry room can be a wise idea. 

It is true that not every home can have a separate laundry room. Still, it doesn’t mean you cannot create a stylish space for it. You can build a tiled laundry closet and cover it with elegant doors, behind which your appliances, countertops, and other components can remain peacefully.

Efficiency kitchen and laundry appliances

Many smaller apartments and condos tend to sacrifice laundry space because of the obvious reasons. If you don’t want to visit a community laundry room or professional laundry service, you can get innovative with your selection. Add washer and dryer in the living area. You may wonder if this would ruin the look of your living space. But you don’t need to worry about it. You can construct sleek-looking cabinets to stack washer and dryer in your kitchen or dining place. Your dining table or countertop can come in handy when you have to fold clothes. The kitchen sink can help with a stain treatment. Plus, you can use a few cabinets for storing laundry essentials, such as cleaning agents and detergents.

Smart accessories 

It may not be your one of favorite tasks, but the fact is laundry forms one of the essential house chores. Hence, avoiding it altogether may not possible. But you can do something to make this place a little interesting for you by customizing a few things. For example, you can put your favorite picture and some succulents.  Adding a personal touch to any corner of the home always feels fulfilling and exciting. So try doing this once.

Like these, there are hundreds of things you can do to make your laundry room both functional and attractive. And the best part is you don’t need a massive budget for this. With little money, you can achieve significant design changes and enjoy them too.

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