by Sudarsan

No house or place would be complete without proper flooring. People opt for various flooring ideas like marble, tiles, hardwood, vinyl, bamboo, granite, etc. In recent times, many people chose to have tile flooring in the majority of the house flooring as this tile flooring has its unique and best look and finishing. But what are the types of tile flooring? What are the recent and trending tile floorings in the market? To find answers to all such questions, get some time and read the complete article and choose the best flooring for your house today!



These are the most durable and popular types on the list. This flooring style gives the best outlook to a few rooms, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. These are not only easy to install, clean and add the best value to the money. They come in numerous styles and designs in the market and provide an astonishingly best look at the home entrance as well. 


Wanting one of the best stain resistance floorings for the home? Glass tile flooring is the best choice. This flooring will not leave any stains of food on the floor and, it is possible to clean the stains effectively and efficiently. In addition, this flooring is beneficial to use in the fewer traffic areas in the home as the possibility of the cracks and breakage of the glass is high. 


Who doesn’t know about marble flooring? It is yet another most opted and popular flooring on the list. Though this material is a bit costly, it gives out the best outlook to one home. This flooring doesn’t have repetitive designs and gives the shout outlook to the kitchen and bathroom. 


As everyone knows, this flooring is the next best flooring on the list. It is similar to marble flooring but is budget-friendly, and most opted for flooring from the past many years. In addition, this flooring has mostly opted for the overall house rather than only in the kitchen and the bathrooms. 


There are various trending looks available in the market. Find a few of these types below:


This flooring is a part of the ceramic tile flooring. It comes with various designs and styles, and the designs are never repetitive. It has two types-wood lookalike materials and solid hardwood. They give the most expensive and warm look to one house as it contains the antique look within. This is similar to bamboo flooring.


This flooring is the best choice for the best industrial look interior design. Apartments with wide demand and fusion range can have these floorings. Apart from this, offices and other industrial firms can also opt for this flooring for the best outlook.


This design is the contemporary style in the flooring list. People can witness such flooring in commercial areas like malls and stores. It has been topping the list recently, and many people are opting for this material for home flooring. This material is the output of a mixture of glass, marble and concrete. 


Many people have black as their favorite color on the list. But, no flooring sponsored black flooring in the past. But, the styles of the flooring has changed with the time and trend. This flooring is available in various shaped tiles like a hexagon, square grid, and many more artistic shapes. This style gives the retro and aesthetic outlook to the rooms and provides the best mood for the people. It is the most growing design and style in recent times.

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