by Sudarsan

What are louver-designed roofs?

Louvre roofs are known for giving a stylish look to any place. It is an arrangement of different blades that are vertical or horizontal to make a single rod. These blades are made of different materials like wood, glass or other study materials. These blades have many uses. They are not only used for roofs but are also used for doors and windows. They have been trending for a long time.

One can find louvre type roofs in different colours and patterns. One must choose a louvre type roof that goes well with their office settings. The main advantage of these roofs is ventilation. Louvre means the arrangement of various strips together. One can even find these arrangements on various ventilation units. They have been popular around the world. One can find these types of roofs on antique buildings. Louvred type roofs can either be open or closed. One can either choose to have a gap between the blades or closed blades. There are a lot of uses for louvred roofs. 

What are the different types of louvered roofs?

There are multiple materials and designs available in louvred roofs. One can choose the best type of louvred roofs. Louvre roofs are mostly water-proof to protect the roof and the surroundings from rain. Louvre type roofs are made of durable materials like aluminium that will provide extra protection to the surroundings. 

What are the different types of materials used for making louvered furniture?

One can find louvred furniture in windows, roofs and doors. They serve the main purpose of weather control and ventilation. Some of the materials include: 

  •  Wooden blades: These are the most common type of louvre furniture. Multiple blades of wood are put together to create a furniture piece. 
  • Glass blades: This type is not suitable and rarely found on roofs. They are suitable for windows and are commonly used. Blades of glass are put together to create a window. 
  • Folding blades: This type is commonly found for doors. Blades of different materials are arranged and are connected to a hinge. They are suitable for doors within a room. 
  • Pine blades: These blades are beneficial as they are not heavy and are resistant to any weather. They can give a good finish to any door or roof and will protect one from weather conditions. Multiple lightweight pine blades are used to make a piece of furniture.
  • Oak blades: oak is a durable material that is seen in almost every piece of furniture. Oak blades for a louvred design is a good option either for floors or roofs.

What is the specialty of louver-type roofs?

The main speciality of louvered roofs is that they can be rotated. One can customize their roofs as per their convenience. 

One can choose how their roof will look in every season. An advantage of the rotation is that it will protect the base of the main area below the roof from rain or sun. These roofs are a good addition to houses, offices and other areas. Louvred roofs can protect the main area from rain by collecting it on the roof and letting the water flow from another side onto the ground. 

Louvred roofs are a good choice since they are flexible. One can always relax and protect themselves from any weather conditions. These roofs will add a good touch to any area. 

Where can one find good louvre type roof services?

There are a lot of places where one can find good louvre type roof services. One must look for good quality roofs that add style to the place and are extremely safe. A good example of a place where one can find good louvre roofs is SKYMAX. Here, one can find good quality louvred roofs. 

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