Selecting cabinet hardware for kitchen design

by Sudarsan

Once you’ve selected the cabinets, pick your countertops, appliances, and tiles, you need to select the ideal cabinet hardware that will pull your kitchen design together. Often considered as the “Jewelry” of the kitchen, it communicates and reflects your individual style.

If you need kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles, you can select from a variety of designs. Recessed or geometric hardware accents refined styling, while modern hardware is generally sleek and clean, accentuating vertical or horizontal lines to a kitchen.

Available designs for kitchen hardware

1. Contemporary design

Transitional or contemporary cabinet hardware draws from many old and new styles with a fresh take; it conveys a look “of the moment.” This design constitutes simple detailing and clean lines represented in mixed metals – oil rubbed bronze, brass, brushed chrome, and brushed gold.

The contemporary design works well with many cabinet styles, allowing for the most flexibility in design.

2. Farmhouse design

Country or farmhouse design evokes a freshly squeezed lemonade look. With a clean casual aesthetic, it pairs well with open shelving, beadboard cabinets, marble, butcher block tops, as well as painted or distressed colors.

This design is commonly presented in bin or cup pulls, latch knobs, backplates, and rivet details. Finishes are done in polished and brushed chromes, porcelain, or graphite.

3. Traditional design

Traditional design can either be ornate and detailed with Old World appeal, or classic in form. It reflects the formal design and classic warmth elements. Features are reflected with the following in painted heirloom finishes and deep wood stains:

• Raised panel doors

• Ornate detailing

• Layered moldings

• Decorative hood fans

• Turned posts

• Furniture detailing

4. Craftsman design

Also known as the Arts & Crafts style, it provides kitchens that are clean-lined with natural materials while showcasing warm woods without much ornamentation.

This design tends to have a solid geometric appearance with a hand-crafted look, where hammer or chisel marks are evident. Finishes are reflected in forged steel, wrought iron, or other raw earth metals.

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