Tips for decorating your ADU

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a secondary living unit on a residential property that adds more living space. It’s not only affordable and innovative, but it also makes for a great rental apartment, allowing you to earn extra income.

Building an ADU in Los Angeles can be a complex and overwhelming process, but you’ll appreciate the extra space once you have the structure in place. But before building your ADU, you’ll need to consider a few things, including its design and decoration.

Remember, the goal is to create a comfortable, functional living space where individuals can relax and unwind. To achieve this, here are four decorating tips for your ADU in Los Angeles.

1. Let in more light

Natural light is a great way to ensure your ADU appears and feels roomier no matter its size. You can let in natural light by adding large windows to your ADU or installing a sky roof. Sliding glass doors can also let in more light, creating an airy look and feel.
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However, don’t add large windows to specific areas such as your bathroom as they require more privacy. Instead, add light by placing windows higher up. The goal is to make your ADU feel more spacious.

2. Raise the ceiling

When designing your ADU in Los Angeles, ask your contractor to raise the ceiling. Although most ADUs have height limits, you can build one that’s 16 feet high or less, depending on the regulations in your area.

If you want ceilings with extra wall space for décor, storage, and shelves, you might want to consider building vaulted ceilings.
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These not only bring in more light but also make your ADU appear larger.

3. Use mirrors

If you value privacy and don’t want to add large windows to make your space appear larger, you can add mirrors. Mirrors reflect light creating the illusion of more space.
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So, place several mirrors across from each other to maximize their effect in your ADU.

4. Install a kitchen island

Since ADUs provide small living spaces, fitting everything you’d normally fit in a fully functioning kitchen can be difficult. Luckily, by installing a kitchen island, you can maximize the small space, eliminating the need for a table.

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